Fuck me

Does a guarantee 5 star roll*

Proceeds to get archer of shinfuckyou*

“God damn it fuck this game”

Plus I hate his character design, literally hated him since pseudo singularity

Come join us here… At least is Old Man… I got 2nd copy of Orion during NA GSSR…

Atleast Orion is a nice single target male nuker, shinjuku is just a miss placed archer kit where my 4 star archer can dish more damage then he can ever

Hey buddy, I think you’ve got the wrong door, the salt repo’s two blocks down.

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Who does less damage than a three star archer Gorgon sister!

Burn!!! :fgo_buster:


Burn and record you mean :fgo_rinlaugh:

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Yes, i mean he hate it so just burnnn

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In all honesty I would just burn him

Err…I don’t think we have guarantee SSR right now

Edit: ok, I’m a noob

Jp maybe

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There is GSSR banner on jp right now?

Yeah, their anniversary one. It’s split into two banners of limited servants I think


Oh right, thought they had GSSR until end of july

What’s in it for me? That kind of demands requires tit for tat.