Full Cormag. What do you think?

With Heave blade 4 he will activate Astra pretty esay and kill kill almost every enemy haha.

I would need to get Threaten Atk/Spd 3 tho…

But I think the concept is not bad:

-He makes a lot of dmg thanks to Astra+ Heavy Blade
-He can buff allies and get buffed if there is another hero with Link skills.
-He has good statline. Very hight ATak, higt Spd and defense and good HP. Pretty low (mediocre I would say) res.

What do you think? Do you like the concept?

(I would have to get BAlm and DEphraim tho, but I will give my Cormag he needs to be perfect haha)

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Looks decent to me. Threat. Atk/Spd and Atk/Def Link overlap though so maybe change it to Spd/Def Link, otherwise it’ll probably work when played right. The Seal feels underwhelming but I guess it’s not horrible for consistency. Not many better options.


I don’t like Astra outside of Rokkr Seiges because it’s almost always way overkill, and if it’s not, then it’s usually paltry (I laughed my ass off when a Ryoma hit my unit with a 0 damage Astra). If going this high investment on him, Galeforce is strictly better 95% of the time.


Ignis would also be an option, if that’s damage you want.
He has decent defense to make use of it.

But yeah, Galeforce is great :>

My opinion? An oath skill is much better on C slot. Ideally for him spd and def oath from young marth. Go for chill atk on b slot. It will guarantee that whoever is the strongest on the opposing team isnt gonna block Astra or Galeforce xtra cooldown. Granting more attack is good but if Cormag is already the strongest on your team and your opponent has debuff abilities he gonna be in trouble. Especially these days where units debuff and buff like crazy based on all sorts of criteria. Threaten atk and spd is good but its only useful after you attack or get attacked which It also works very well with brazen abilities. All in all its got its uses but he is gonna need support to proc that special. Besides he a flier… he can get buffed

Yeah his defense has some chunk so either Ignis or Galeforce but I recommend Galeforce over Ignis.