"Fully merged" Askr Trio

With the surge of new infantry units in my barracks, I was finally able to do this:

These were finished many weeks ago:

Fairly budget but they serve me well, and taking on every BHB and GHB with them and Peony is a blast. I’ll hopefully have the resources to pump out the max potential on them (Time’s Pulse Flashing Blade 4 Anna honestly) and make separate teams with them as “commanders” to take on abyssals.


better than what I did with them. i put hp+5 and WOM and IP and smite on all of them. anna gets atk/spd push and galeforce bc she special.


Man, that is SO many red dragonflowers


Hey now, IP is pretty good on them as bonus units. If I really didn’t want to invest on them as carry units in AR, I’d honestly just do that and a panic ploy seal, except maybe use different stat boosting skills depending on the unit.

Anna’s pretty good at movement assist help though, Noatun is very fun to use. Smite her into lightning traps, and the teleporting shenanigans goes bonkers.