Fun NY Alfonse build

So I was messing around and I was wondering if this Alfonse build was worth doing (Just for fun):

New Years Alfonse +0 (+HP, - Spd)
With Summoner Bond Rank S
Imbued Koma
Open The Future
Distant Def 4 (From unneeded Caineghis)
Special Spiral 3
Rouse Def/Res 3 (avoids Aversa panic that Def/Res oath would have given me)
Distant Def 3

[not sure on S slot. Thinking about Distant Def, Close Def, Quick Reposte, or Stacking Def/Res Bond if I know Azersa isn’t an issue)

In theory, when engaged in combat And attacked by a Ranged foe and Distant Def 3 S Seal

60 Attack
61 Def
56 Res

Are there any ranged units that come to mind that make this stacking pointless?

As I said, a just for fun build


Really solid ranged tank! Just gotta watch out for melee units. Run him with a close def super tank and you should see really good results


Any recommendations for a super tank to pair? I’m have Winter Sothis, Ossian, Sutyr, and Brave Ike as Greens.


If your idea of fun is losing to melee units, go for it


For close def specifically I’d say probably Surtr. He still has fantastic mixed bulk and Sinmara is hilariously broken

Really usher? Did you have to jump immediately to sarcasm? Why not just applaud the creativity and then recommend a unit to cover the flaw?

I think taking away CC will compromise his matchups against a good amount of melee matchups tbh
Sure, he’ll be good at countering distant foes, but he loses crucial matchups against AR melee frontliners and Lunge traps