Fun ways to mix up great league team?

Heya, looking for some advice! I’ve pretty much been running the same great league team the last two seasons. Stunfisk+Shiftry+Skarmory is great, but now that I’ve got enough rare candies to 2-move my mew, I’m looking to try some fun options. These are my available Pokemon, with a * denoting 1 move only:


What do you think would be a cool way to mix this team up? I’m not necessarily looking for the strongest option (though that would be welcome too), but mostly something exciting.

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I use cherrim as opener currently and I like it (running dazzling gleam to surprise dark and altaria). Probopass is much like gunfisk but in many cases weaker. I was super impressed by mew using flame charge! Umbreon with one move I would avoid personally, afraid of azu…


If you want something functional and unconventional to mix up things, try Linoone (Hoenn)
Packs shadow claw with grass knot and thunder and good stat distribution.
Is also easy to obtain and has a cheap 2nd charge move.
It cannot deal with grass types though, teammates need to help it there.


In which team you use it? I ran it last season and had always trouble with it. Probably because of a lot of fighters, but also everybody shielded the right moment :/

Does your Umbreon have Last Resort?

Is your Stunfisk the brown one or the dark grey one?

I agree that Cherrim would be a good Shiftry replacement (spammy grass-type). Its main struggle is, ironically, dealing grass-type damage. Since Bullet Seed does such little damage and Solar Beam takes so much energy, its a little tricky to use.

Probopass is a little more like Bastiodon but way quicker and more flexible! Definitely able to drop Azumarill if you can shield Hydro Pump. If you are leading with Gunfisk, swapping for Probopass could be fun. Not wrecked by water- or ice-types.

I’d swap Skarmory for anything, TBH, if you are looking for something fun. Skarmory is just so basic to use, not a lot of strategy to it…

Mew is obvs the spice-of-the-season with Flame Charge and just being, you know, awesome! :smirk_cat:


This is why I use dazzling gleam ;) (still can farm mud bois, just have to use shield maybe)
But yea, on the same team I had grass cress ;)

There was a time I used to lead with Cherrim and nuke loads of mons with Solar Beam, but that trick stopped working past the 2600 rating.

I still think the lead + safe switch to trap the main damage dealer counter + a main damage dealer with shields is the best approach. It’s less lead loss dependent.

Oh yes, I also guess that people now know when to shield dazzling gleam. The important thing is the fast fire ball. I think fire is the most important attack typing in GL, especially because few mons feature it. Or they don’t deal good damage (hypno with fire punch) or are on the slow side (see bastiodon). Alolan marowak has better other charged moves, castform is much slower than cherrim

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I will say, you can do alot of things with the pokemon you got listed right now. Though a pokemon i found that you can do just about anything with is beedrill (fairly easy to get as the bug stuff is going on). I currently run a unique moveset with my own beedrill that’s not listed, but can throw off some people when used. Its a poison jab quick, then fell stinger drill run for charge. A bit expensive, but its able to deal with bastiodon and fairy types when fell stinger is powered up.

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fairly easy to get as the bug stuff is going on

The Bug stuff ended over 24 hours ago from when you posted :laughing:

Plain ol’ brown stunfisk for me. Nice and spammy and certain to annoy anything not named shadow victrebeel. My umbreon, sadly, does not know last resort. I could get it with my elite tm, though, if umbreon is worth it.

Alas, I wish my mew had flame charge! Burned 40 charged tms and I didn’t learn it, although the ever-so-helpful random moves thought I’d like to see blizzard as an option 8 times. Grrr.

Azumarill and jumpluff, azumarill leads
Both resist fighting.
I’m well aware grass leads put me at a huge disadvantage, I end up sacrificing Linoone in those scenarios and cross fingers (Switching from azu to jumpluff will only bring out a hard counter like skarmory or altaria and worsen it)

another linoone user here. i use skunktank- poison jab-crunch and flamethrower for safe switch. people love bringing steel types to counter it idk why. third member is azu. However both linoone and azu are slightly underpowered in cp as i’m not lvl 38 yet. solid overall though


Umbreon is not worth an Elite Charged TM since Eevee is so common and December is likely to have a special CD where all CD moves become available again (by evolving the respective species).

Since I lead with Azumarill, opponents may expect me to have a very “meta” team (for instance, with Altaria, Skarmory, Registeel or either Stunfisk). In fact, my other team members are Ferrothorn and A-Marowak.

What matters is how well your team members complement each other (this tool may help: and how well you use your team.

One of my recent opponents had a team comprising Durant, Roselia and Abomasnow. Needless to say, my A-Marowak burnt 'em all.

Porygon-Z after CD is awesome with lock on and tri attack. Nice and quick move set with lots of resistances.

Some others I use…(rank 9 player in the last 3 seasons)

Shadow Machamp
Shadow Crobat
Shadow Beedrill

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Why magmar? Magmortar has the nicer moveset, but even that is not one of the better fire punch users…
Saw some charizards today, but not lasting long. A really good fire charged move user is still missing in GL…
Porygon-z was used only today I guess. Not really useful.

Mainly as I don’t have a Magmortar :sweat_smile: Magmar is still solid but his matchups are limited. He’s more of a fun pick as OP asked for but he definitely doesn’t set the league alight as you say.

I’ve got a shadow charizard but he is just too glassy for GL

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Porygon-Z has me very very excited! I got a shiny one with 1 bar attack and near max hp and defense, and a regular one with perfect hp def with lower attack, both with tri-attack charge ^^

in terms of using a 2nd charge move… I’m still deciding on what to do with that one. Blizzard can be good because it has the lowest cooldown timer out of the remaining charge moves it has access to, but i also like the idea of zap cannon in terms of coverage and being able to harm skarmory… guess we’ll have to see what kind of sets people come up with when running the pokemon now.

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