Funky Robin time?

This looks oddly tempting. (Buffs are 6/6/0/6)

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What is this build trying to accomplish?
Not sure you need Triangle Adept if you’re planning on blasting people’s faces off with Dragon Fang.


TA is actually needed for that. The extra Atk and tankiness it grants both helps his defence and offence.

I assume this is meant for AR, since he has pulse smoke?
As much as green units are uncommon, I feel TA is a little risky for his role.

This isn’t for AR. He has Pulse Smoke anyway hence it’s presence in the build.

Well, that explains a lot. :catroll:

Seems fine to me then. Not much of any Red/Colorless foes will survive.

Here’s another potential plan:

It’s… interesting, but not very practical, IMO.

Dragon Fang takes a long time to charge up. In my experience with 4 charge specials, most of the time the fight is done or almost done by the time you get one ready, barring skills that accelerate special charges. I have Dragon Fang on my Siegbert and he almost never gets to use it. So you’re basically playing with no special and no B slot AND are severely limiting your options on who you can effectively attack since TA cripples you against greens and does nothing against blues.

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Special Spiral is right there.
Lowers Dragon Fang to 2 after it procs, meaning it’ll activate every round Given Robin will have an effective 54 Spd with Spd Smoke and Ally Support. Just because it doesn’t proc every round doesn’t mean it’s useless.

Also, why on earth would I have him fight greens anyway. And I have Surtr for blues.

I DO see Special Spiral. I’m not blind. However, I see nothing that helps Robin get that first crucial Dragon Fang proc so Spiral will actually take effect. That is just as important as running Spiral itself if using such a long CD special.

Unless you’re having Robin fight a lot of enemies (like two or more, in which case half of most maps will already be wiped out) he is not getting Dragon Fang going.

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1 combat with 3 attacks brings it to 1, then he’s all good from there. 4 cooldown isn’t actually that hard to charge.

Honestly this was just a fun idea I thought up anyway. I don’t do offence and I actually want to give him Lull Atk/Spd whenever that releases.

Yeah, I don’t agree, given my own experiences with these skills. Most maps in this game have 3-5 enemies; by the time you get your first Dragon Fang off, you’ll have killed off roughly half the enemies, and still need another two charges to unleash another Dragon Fang. It’s just too cumbersome and awkward unless you’re trying to have Robin solo maps, which is just not feasible with TA.

Now if you had some Pulse support, I’d be singing a different tune.

Pretty sure that Ignis and/or Glacies get you more damage for the same cooldown, and Bonfire/Iceberg get pertty solid damage for lower cooldown as well. I wouldn’t really recommend such a long cooldown special without any reduction, because while it CAN work, it won’t work as effectively in modes where he’s working against the clock or where there aren’t many opponents (like AR or Voting Gauntlet). Pulse Smoke isn’t actually doing anything for the build, since it’s mostly for offensive support that a player-phase unit uses to help support a tank. Robin probably does not want to be trying to snipe when you’re running a TA and QR3 ranged tank build. It’d make more sense to run something like Distant Guard 3 so that he has buffing further beyond his Tactical Bolt tome. Overall though I mean, it might work, but I definitely think there’s other heroes who will give you higher value output for the amount of expensive skills provided. The second one with Spd Smoke looks somewhat better, though I’d still consider trying out some calcs with different specials here.

As I said he already has Pulse Smoke and this was more of a fun idea than a practical idea. Against reds and colourless he’d have 83 Atk meaning Dragon Fang would work better.

I’m pretty sure Triangle Adept doesn’t factor into Dragon Fang damage, if that’s what you’re saying. I’m not totally certain, but since it’s a % of damage modifier (it modifies the final damage, not the user’s attack stat), and Dragon Fang scales off 50% of your attack stat , it shouldn’t be boosted that much. I might be wrong though.

Just tested it, you are indeed correct. Well that’s a shame.

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Bummer. Especially since Dragon Fang sounds way cooler lol. Astra should stack with the effectiveness though - that might be worth a try! Didn’t think of it till now.