Funny arena def build

Day-to-day when I don’t play arena for score, this is my team. Notice no bonus unit.

Nailah had successfully baited B.Lyn to death and I had positioned everyone else recklessly because not a serious run and no real danger of losing. Fjorm comes in and hits Owain even though I was planning to save him the damage by putting Corrin against her. Oh well, I thought, guess I’m winning with wrath Blue Flame instead. Then her shield activated. Wut

I might do this with infantry pulse support and deflect melee if Fjorm is a bonus unit. Give her mirror impact, Put WoM on Lilina or something. Troll some guy who tries to bait her with B.Ephraim or some Hector


I’ve never thought about putting Pavise on Fjorm :thinking:
It could be an interesting build to troll people who aren’t paying attention :catroll:


I feel if you’re giving her Infantry Pulse support, you should replace Shield Pulse with something. Audino what though. Unless it’s just one Infantry Pulse, of course. Also


Lunge :feh_corrinmug:

I might only be able to pulse her once that’s why I think I’m keeping shield pulse

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Alrighty, neat. Just thought I’d give my input.

All cool

More ways to troll people with pulse support

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Mirror Impact :tooobin:.

That seems like fun.