Funny/Interesting Battle Situations

I’m not sure if this has been done already, but this thread is for funny or unusual battle situations (either intentional or not) that you’ve encountered or set up in the game.
I don’t think this overlaps with memes, since they’re not in meme format, but if it does, then let me know and I’ll move over to there.

Here’s an example of an intentional situation displaying Gilgamesh’s greatest weakness.

And here’s an accidental situation from way back in the original Halloween 2 event where something went wrong and the Brave Liz that was only on backup for bond farming managed to win (Seems Uncle Vlad didn’t want to hit her, he saved her for last despite class advantage).

Anyway, please share your funny/interesting moments from the game, as sometimes strange things happen or you set up a funny team situation or something like that.


For an example of an intentional funny team, here’s a situation similar to the Spider-Man pointing meme.



Another funny team is when I had Gilles try to protect Jeanne from himself.


Here’s another incidental situation, I’ll just put it in a summary due to featuring a major boss from the Magical Girl event.


The legendary 1hp Waver with skills just coming off of cooldown.


December 2018 - Halphas Boss - Solomon, my roster was quite limited at that time

Marie was my last servant and I was confident a last NP would kill it, it didn’t :laughing:

16 HP left

luckily Marie had enough HP to survive the following turn and kill it with face cards

The inmortal Kojirou, everyone in the team die exept him

Liz 1 HP

The not dieing dudes,they were all the Cu’s and Astolfo (Astolfo was the last one to die)

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I thing emiya can’t dodge this


The extra HP of the guts of Tomoe is pretty useful

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I don’t have a picture of it, but Tristan ended up soloing brave Liz in the halloween rerun because I made a stupid mistake. He freaking killed her with 2 hp left and I got a lore from that. She was going to use her np, Tristan’s evade had one turn left…so I had resigned myself to trying again…it didn’t kill him. He lived with 2hp and crit her every time before using Failnaught to kill her

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Who would win?,

Chad Gawain or Virgin Euryale



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I dont have the picture now but my martha survived with 1 hp just to crit on a buster brave chain and destroy enemy mama


Man, if that had been Maid Alter, that could have been an instant viral meme!

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Nothing particularly interesting about the fight itself but I went out of my way for this group composition just because it amused me.


I approve of multiple Medusae. Just think of all the… Pleasurable dreams they’d give you…


True, I guess Bad Santa is more Caster Gil’s thing, but I think this was before she was released, so I used what I had.


Ah, that reminds me of the snake battle I set up once.

Quetz is typically depicted as a feathered serpent, that’s why she’s there.


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Ever notice how, whenever a half-[whatever] half-woman creature is portrayed, it’s always the top half that’s human? I mean, sure, boobs are great and all, but it’s the lower half that is arguably more integral to being female. All these nagas have mammary glands, but no uterus.

Where do baby nagas come from?

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