Fusion team build?

Should I replace any of these units with a 1* EX Gogeta? At reset I can get him to the next limit break with extreme z power if that changes anything.
(Second post since I had to change the category and none of my devices would cooperate)

Yes l,you should…there are several reasons for that too

  1. The base vegito is really power crept
  2. And your gotenks is practically use less now…
    So you should try and use multi z power on your red gogeta and try and raise him to 3 stars…but he is still a monster at 1 *
    So you should definitely replace gotenks

Gotenks is for the Z Ability. I already replaced Blue Gogeta anyway, but I’ll exchange the Gotenks and Gogeta to see if the ability bonus ends up better

The ability bonus won’t be better but you will at least have a viable red which is more important than a slightly better ability bonus

I know, I replaced the 6* gotenks with the double buff with EX Gogeta. I’m talking about switching Gotenks and BLU Gogeta, both of which I use only for buffs.