Future banner advice

These are the servants I have and I have around 210 SQ and 30 tickets. I’ve heard that eresh is useful but given that I already have 2 5* lancers I’m not sure if she is the best pick out of Hokusai, jalter and semiramis. Any advice? Or should I wait even more for waver or even skadi?

I also have Helena, caster of nightless city, summer scathach, assassin emiya, Stheno, Gorgon, mech eli.

Both your lancers are ST ones and your Jailter is unleveled, so having an AoE Lancer with 50% NP charge can be pretty useful. On the other hand, Eresh has a pretty low attack stat and her NP damage doesn’t have an upgrade for at least another 2 years if ever. And since for general AoE needs you already have NP chargers - Nitocris, Drake and a grailed Gilgamesh in particular… All in all, if you are considering trying to summon Eresh only for gameplay reasons and can be satisfied with Jailter and her 20% battery as a Lancer with AoE NP - you don’t really need Eresh and would be better off saving for Waver or Skadi, in my opinion - Atalante in particular can NP loop with Skadi, which could be useful.
About Hokusai, Jalter and Semiramis - the first, as far as I know, requires some pretty specific setups to be truly effective and anti-berserker role of foreigners is kinda meh when you already have strong ST and AoE Servants whose only difference vs Zerkers is how much damage they take(when you don’t have to take any damage from a berserker if you kill them first), the second, in my opinion, isn’t even really needed when you have other servants who can serve as beatsticks and don’t have heavy-duty supports for her(Waver and Merlin in particular) and I can’t really say anything about the third.


I’m with Ashendale. Eresh is a love and/or luxury pick; her biggest redeeming value is having an NP battery for farming, but her ATK is among the lowest of the low for her rarity, and it remains low even when you factor in the Lancer class’ 1.05% effective ATK modifier. It’s hard to recommend her for farming purposes when her ATK and her lack of NP upgrade both work against her.

I’ve decided to pass on both Abby and Hokusai for now since my roster is full of strong ST Buster Servants already, and Hokusai is way too conditional to suit my taste as far as I can tell. But your mileage may vary.

Jeanne Alter is a beloved Servant that I don’t think is quite as amazing as she’s made out to be. Incredible when you have few Servants and lack other strong Buster options, but no AoE means she’s not a good farming pick, and no common class advantage target means that she’s rarely the best pick for what she does do best. She can be a great all-purpose DPS, but she’s rarely needed later on.

Semiramis looks interesting on paper, but I suspect I’ll roll for her because I like her, not because I’ll use her that much. If you don’t already have a Buster AoE Assassin, she does fill that niche; however, like other Assassins her ATK is somewhat handicapped, and she has a sort of hybrid and very specific support role that would seem to make her a reasonable fit only for some Buster teams…in which case she may be competing for a party slot with some other excellent options.