Future Characters and Voices

I’ve thought recently about future character releases, primarily characters from games that had no voicing, though as has been shown, some characters who have had voices previously can have different voices in FEH, so they’re fair game as well.

What I want to know is, for characters who haven’t been released yet, who do you think you could see voicing whatever character comes to mind? Be they an actor who already voices one or more characters in the game, or someone yet to voice one, veteran actors, or newer up and coming actors, what kind of voice do you imagine you hear when these characters speak? Feel free to comment if anything comes to mind.


I’d like to hear some Steve Blum, please, and some Troy Baker.

And Yuri Lowenthal because yes.


Any particular characters that you would like to hear them voice?

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I could definitely get behind those three actors though.

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Steve Blum would probably be an OC, to be honest. I love his voice acting but I dunno if his voice would fit any of the already existing characters from the base games.

Yuri Lowenthal, if I remember, voiced a few characters in Fire Emblem already (like Ricken, and I think he also did male Corrin).

Troy Baker, I dunno. :thinking:


Yeah, Yuri voices quite a few characters and has voiced characters like Ricken in the past.

I agree that I think he was one of the corrin voices.

Oh, and Johnny Yong Bosch, probably my favorite voice actor (why was he not in my original comment? :feh_notlikethis:).

Although I would have picked him for someone like Lewyn… Buuuut… :man_shrugging:

Maybe for a Lewyn alt?

I would definitely love hearing Johnny Yong Bosch in the game, he has a nice voice. For some reason I feel like I could see him voicing Sain.


Yuri Lowenthal voices Marth, Eliwood and Merric.
Corrin is voiced by Cam Clarke.

Fun fact: Steve Staley, voice of Lewyn, is also the voice of Rubius in the VIZ redub of Sailor Moon.

I love the VIZ redub of Sailor Moon so I used it have a list of VA in both Sailor Moon and FEH.

The Corrin in Heroes or the Corrin in Fates? I was referring to the latter.

Need more Yuri. Give me all of the Yuri!

Still haven’t watched anything SM related lol.



Long shot, but I’d love some Paul St.Peter!

As for who he’d do… well you got me there (although it’d be really funny if we got Eldgarde’s dad in feh)

It’d also love to get normal Hardin so we can get some more Richard Epcar! (and you know, an obligatory Oliver alt :feh_bigbeauty:)


I’d like to see Armen Taylor(Ranulf’s va) voice Dieck, the mercenary from Fe6

I don’t care who it is, I just want Chris Sabat to voice someone

Some VAs I would like to have in FEH:

  • Male
    Nolan North
    Johnny Yong Bosch
    Reuben Langdon
    Daniel Southworth
    Mark Hamill
    Jon St. John
    Michael Gregory

  • Female
    Hellena Taylor
    Cara Theobold
    Jennifer Hale

I’ll leave it to someone else to match these voices to characters, I’m no director. I just really like these actors’ works.


I recommend the Kase-san series manga, is a good yuri! :feh_micaiahsmug:


I definitely wouldn’t mind me more Lexi Klein… the girl deserves more love regardless of what anyone says


She certainly has range, I wouldn’t be opposed to hearing what other characters she can do apart from Selkie and Triandra.


Richard Epcar does a good job, and man would I like to hear Paul St. Peter in more things. Both of those guys have voiced in shows I watched growing up.