Future Harken GHB?

For those that played FE7 and Know of Astram, Harkin is basically Astram in that game, it’s uncanny.
If you don’t know who he is, it’s because Karel is gotten instead of him when you do or don’t fulfill an arbitrary task.
Both are blonde heroes with a Shield in their art. They are also enemies when you recruit them.


What an upgrade


Both have lovers who are blue haired Paladins, both of which can recruit the enemy Hero. (In Astram’s Case, it’s only Midia)
The problem is his weapon. He comes with a Brave sword. Unless they were to use the Wind sword, there are no weapons from Blazing Blade that would fit him (Rune Sword is for Jerme, if he ever gets in, though technically, Narcian already got the rune axe). Either way though, I’d build him. (Though they might pull a raven and give him an axe)
I would also like to have both Midia and Isadora in (though another lance knight sounds like pain)
Also, I’d like to see both pairs be in a wedding banner, where they recognize the uncanny resemblance.


He’ll get added when he gets added
FE7 is a popular game, he’s sure to be added soon
Right? :feh_morganagrom:


Nergal, Limstella, Sonia, (though they may want to save those two for 5* bait), Batta the Beast :feh_lucinasmug:. There are a good number that could be next.


He could be a GHB or a banner unit, both fit :feh_maethink:
It’s definitely a possibility.

When I play FE7 I find Karel easier to get than Harken despite getting Harken requiring doing less work because in trying to complete the map it’s easy to push too far. :feh_legion_miso:


Harken’s one of my top wanted FE7 units, along with Renault, Kent, and Sain. I’d be down for him being a GHB, though I certainly don’t need another grail project…


more interested in Isadora


Meanwhile, I’m waiting for either Fargus/Uhai/UberSpear!Vaida(X to doubt) or any of the Morphs but mainly Ephidel cuz Limstella/Sonia are Waifu bait and are going onto the banner.

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Heck yeah.

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The problem is his weapon. He comes with a Brave sword

Guess we know how they’d shaft him like they do basically every other male GHB unit :feh_elisad:


There’s 1 big difference…Harken was actually a great unit while Astram was absolutely trash lol


So there’s good news, and not so good news.

The not so good news is that Harken is 383rd place, which isn’t great to be in for Blazing Blade. There are a lot of characters that rank above him.

The good news is that IS does whatever they want with virtually no rhyme or reason (Fiora’s in the game twice at 318, while Florina at 144 has no alts, and no, the Duo does not count if she’s the backup), and that placement is in the general range they pull from. Characters ranked lower than that have gotten in before. Lower popularity usually means the demote or the GHB, so if he showed up, there’s a good chance he’d be the easiest one to obtain of the bunch.

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I’d rather have a Vaida GHB, my girl needs to come with the Uber Spear-


I’m just hoping Sain gets in soon. Poor Sain fans deserve him.

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