Future HoF watchlist

Grail units, 3*-4* summonables, maybe 4* specials, good candidates for being save armours.

We have Radiant Dawn, Awakening, Fates, and then 3H. Who should we be looking out for?

People are talking about Zelgius; I don’t know how big a fan I am of him in the face of Seiros and Nott.


Well 3H has W!Felix so that’s certainly an option.

Not sure who else in the F2P pool (I’m sure there are some though)




WFelix is the only one I really hope makes it. Besides him, maybe YInnes, but that’s kinda far away.

OG Micaiah is also someone I would insta forma if it happens, but chances of her getting in are not that high considering her red version was already featured. They have been focusing on seasonal units lately, so checking them out doesn’t seem a bad idea.

For Fates and Awakening I have no idea. But for 3H I kinda hope for Byleth.

Also @Dan who has done HoF watchlists before. Maybe he can help.


Not an armor.

Save armour choices would definitely be W!Felix, as others have suggested, as well as Winter Hilda.
I haven’t really been keeping track of the grails, but Awakening has a few early armours like Winter Tharja, Lissa, Chrom, and Robin. All outclassed, but options.


Thanks Chan. Yeah I try to keep 2-3 HoF’s ahead if I can, and I’ll listen to PM1 and make my own guesses from there.

W Felix per PM1 is the next in line that could make a far save difference, but he is pushing Ilyana… why? She is close in stats to Henrietta. Her Def is a little lower, but close enough to work with. Plus, she is in Codes 2 meaning you can make her +1.

EDIT: let me do some looking


Let me add this. Next banner will be predictable OR unprecedented with beast units. I think if they go beast they will with all 4, especially since there is no PRF to acquire. Tbh I thought they would’ve had beast+ weapons earlier this year in time for HoF, that was my prediction, but looks like I was wrong on that one.

I would say they would avoid a Micaiah this time since we got red last time, but it’ll be hard to avoid her blue or green with the limited cast here.

Plus side, without blue micaiah, no blue beasts, that leaves… just Jorge? Not a bad one to merge.

If beast’s, expect Ranulf for green because he is a 5* that truly sucks (until refine).


Tough call given the large cast. Perhaps green F Robin since female version wasn’t up last time, she is mergable, and she is kinda weak. IS loves that recipe for HoF units.


I think we have to see an Azura here since we saw male and female Corrins last time, Xander and Camilla. Who knows who else… a Ryoma and Hinoka (colorless bow?) Mikoto or Garon? But as usual, probably some worthless seasonal units to choose from. Nobody here really excites me.


Again, IF we get Felix, that’s a big win. I expect a Byleth (summer or sword?) and W Sothis. Who knows, the could round it off with staff like Seteth, Cathrine, Shamir… but that might be a little too big if expectations.

Tons of units I am undoubtedly looking over, but for your consideration.


Young Azura, Bow Hinoka, Hot Springs Ryoma, and Mikoto are my guess. Also considering Mikoto is now Special Rate eligible, she may get a Prf Staff in time for it.


I’m just realizing one thing: Radiant Dawn units may put them in trouble, as most of them are beasts and it looks like they don’t want to put them in Hofs as far as we know.

Without beasts, these are the candidates:

Red: Zelgius, Ena, Deghinsea, LIke, Altina and Sanaltina

Blue: OG Micaiah and Jorge

Green: Haar, Brave Micaiah and Yune

Colorless: Sothe, Rhys, DuoMicy, L! Micy, Ashera, HarMia

So, taking out duos, harmonic, Legendaries and Mythic heroes. We have:

-Zelgius, Ena or Deghinsea

-Micy or Jorge

-Haar or Bravecaiah

-Sothe or Rhys

Its funny tbh and I could use any of them :_ Now, knowing they don’t usually put more than one grail hero… We could see this: Zelgius/Deghinsea, OG Micy, Haar and… Sothe? So they give us an armor to hope for a save, the OG Micaiah and not the brave one, and the boyfriend. And with Zelgius it would be a Daein themed HoF, which is nice.

Edit: sorry for the confusing post, it’s from a phone at 6:38 in the morning, no sleep included.


@SafCar I think your guesses are spot on, actually.

@Yberus I also was surprised PM1 didn’t mention Dheginsea. I think he is a very reasonable choice. Could be Zelgius, but since we just had a red armor sword and red armor dragon anyway, AND he is seasonal (Halloween), I think it is very possible. I would prefer Ena easily.


Same! Ena would be my top choice, but I can see both Zelgius and Deghinsea happening before her. I’ll watch PM1 vid, now I’m curious haha


Like many others I’m hoping for W!Felix. Being able to get some nice skills on him for free sounds really nice :fgo_ereshwoah:

Other than him not really anyone I’d use a soul for tbh

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OG Micaiah would be very nice :feh_micaiahsmug:

Darn, we got her Dance alt already


RD: Zelgius or BK

Awakening: either fallen Morgan (soon ik but it’d be awesome) and some plegians like Aversa, Gangrel, and Tharja (OG please)

Fates: either Selkie and/or Velouria alt

3H: dunno

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If we’re talking armors…

Well awakening has w!tharja and w!robin

Fates has… I dunno about fates lol

I really expect felix navidad to be in the 3h HoF but 3H also has snowthis, w!hilda, and possibly even dedue as options as well. Also flame Emperor

Also zelgius vs seiros isn’t gonna matter much a couple weeks from now


That would be an awesome lineup for me. OG Micy is +5 at the moment, so her getting a forma would be perfect for me. Zelgius and Deghinsea are armors, which means more chances for save skills, and my Sothe will be +10 with the resplendant so it would be nice to pick some premium skills for him.

I don’t expect him to make it though. Colorless is not always featured color, so they could go with Zelgius + Deghinsea over Sothe.

Another option is for them to put Jorge over Micaiah and BMicaiah over Haar. That wouldn’t be too bad, as Jorge is an awesome grail unit, but it appeals to me a lot less as I already have him fully merged and built. Still, if OG Micaiah is not in there, he is the second best option for me.

Either way, it’s going to be some expensive months for me. HIlyana + Ashnard + OG Micaiah/Jorge + Zelgius+Deghinsea/Sothe… I hope Awakening/Fates don’t have anyone I actually want because I will lose all my souls if this is the actual lineup.


I have a similar problem, I’ve been saving up formas for the tellius HoF during these months and even with all of them I could go to zero :_ I’ll get Neph and Ilyana and I could be interested in almost all of the RD ones. RIP my soul.