Future of FOMOn GO and Elite tm's

Elite charge tm’s, and also now fast TM’s bring up something interesting i’ve thought about for some time.

it basically eliminates the ‘self outclassing’ worry a lot have had since Zapdos raid day 2 years ago, and reduces how severe FOMO actually will be.

Yes missing out on events will still put you as a bit of a disadvantage, but lucky trades already mitigated this, and now the elite TM part can almost completely remove it depending on your local community. Now you dont need to worry about that perfect BB dialga you made for masters getting outclasses by an eventual Roar of time release, and also removes any panic of ‘will i get a good IV one’ because if you already have one, you’re set.

Now elite tm’s are low in quantity, so thats going to be somewhat of a problem, but it doesnt change that FOMO’s pretty much going away and is becoming a lot less of a concern. We know signature move legendaries are going to come, we already had some before Corona shut down Aeroblast lugia. The only real worry right now is just what to use the elite tms on, which thankfully right now, we don’t have much to worry about but depending on how often they get released, FOMO of events might turn into buyers remorse on elite tm usage, which even then you still have something elite tm’d and probably good if it had you elite tm it.

What are your guys thoughts.

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Players kept speculating about a Gible Community Day when the Pokemon was first released and were worried about getting a Garchomp right away because it would be useless down the road. My response was - Do you NEED a Garchomp now? If the answer is yes, get one. If the answer is no, wait until you do need one.

Do you NEED a triple legacy Seaking? If yes - use your Elite TMs. If no - wait until you do or until you need something else.

$10 USD to give your Articuno Hurricane…seems fair. I’ve played this game everyday approaching 4 years, so some people deserve to pay the $10

Thats pretty much the way ive played GO since I started, its why I didnt impulse Shadowstrike mewtwo.

you arent forced to do that to play, theres no reason to do that unless you consciously want it. Plus, its not like people are unable to trade one. thats the point, only if you feel its essential you should use it, not just waste it.

The community complained about the TM system and the FOMO of Community Days and Raid Days exclusive moves. They also complained that they can’t invest in existing Groudon, Kyogre, Dialga, you name it, because they will one day have a raid day with their signature moves. All of that is sorted with Elite TMs.

I would be absolutely OK with that if it was only about the Exclusive moves. After all, I don’t miss ALL CD’s or raid days. The main problem of all of this is keeping certain legacy moves still legacy. Ice Shard / Icy Wind Dewgong, for example, makes no sense to keep it legacy once Niantic brought back so many other legacy moves to other meta-relevant Pokémon in GBL. Also, now your maxed out Groudon will require 2 of those Charged TM to get Precipice Blades one day on top of Fire Punch after they added it to its Elite movepool. That is nonsense when Kyogre got its Surf added to its regular movepool to be competitive in ML.

With all that said… my 96% Shadow Moltres welcomed Sky Attack :slight_smile:

Wait till they give you research tasks with them like during the next Mythical Special Research or even normal quests. They did it to Mossy Lures, Magnetic Lures and Glacial Lures before (Where some event based quests allow you to farm them, there’s even a quest that lets you farm Mossy Lures.) I’m just expecting “Hatch 7 eggs” for Elite Fast and Catch 50 Pokemon for Elite Charged, it wouldn’t be easy anyway. Just not make 5 Excellent throws in a Row, Catch 3 Dragon Type Pokemon, Win 10 Raids, Evolve 30 Grass type Pokemon or win 5 GO Battle League matches and I’m fine.

Dewgong isn’t overwhelmingly strong or versatile unlike Swampert or Venusaur. I won’t do this unless I want to.

If you even use Groudon for PvP, that is. It wouldn’t be as common as you think when ML comes out.

I’e never maxed a groudon, mostly because up until it got FP in masters, since I started at the beldum release I always saw it as a mediocre to niche legendary at best whos best match up was against another legendary that didn’t justify the expense.
I mean, you can just lucky trade your fire punch goudon if its bad, or when precipice blades happens to the same, save the elite tm to only spend one unless needed. thats what i’d have done if my groudon hadn’t come out good, and its not like all the sudden any time you used those groudon before getting outclassed, all the pokemon and rewards you got from them just vanish

I’m not complaining about maxing out my Groudon, though. It’s given me enough solo and duo challenge wins to regret anything. No, what I’m complaining about is that they don’t add Fire Punch to its regular movepool like they did to Palkia and Kyogre for a cheap move, which means I’ll end up using 2 of those Elite TMs whenever Precipice Blades comes.