Future team Vegito blue

I’ve finally get SSGSS Vegito blue for my Future Team, but today what’s better SSGSS Vegito blue 3* or Trunks Legend Road blue 14*?!

deff Vegito Blue

Also, just gonna ask, 14 GRN Goku Black wtf*

Eh eh… It’s my favorite character in the game

Did you pull your Goku Black alot of times (spent money on banner) or used multi Z power? Either way congrats. That is a solid future team there. Put Vegito Blue over Mai and you are good to go.

Put VB def over mai.
And I absolutely gotta ask. You have vb at 3 stars but Goku black at 14?? Do you have Felix Felicis or sumtin’??

In the banner I got him at 6* and after that i used multi z power.

Good choice, but I say ssgss vegeta future is also a good option. Actually great option. He boosts future and Vegeta fam plus if he gets killed he destroys enemy’s three Dragon Balls. So he’s also a good option.

Also 7 star that blue element future trunks in his Super Saiyan state below zenkai trunks. 3rd row 3rd character. His zenkai might be incoming.

Damn… That’s alot of dedication to one character. Do you use reddit? Cuz there was a guy there who maxed out his Goku Black (grn) with Z power. Was it you?

Either way, congrats on that.

Thats good news.

I know, but I only get that Vegeta last week, and I didn’t have time to power up him

I dont use reddit, but thanks

That Vegeta is only at 2* while your Zamasu is at 8*. If you manage to get Vegeta to atleast 6* then use him over Zamasu. Otherwise, Zamasu is solid on his own.