Future Team

Hi, for a Future Team, what’s the best SSGSS Vegeta PUR or Fusion Zamazu PUR?

Depends on your amount of stars and your play style. If they are at equal stars then it depends on your play style.


  1. Hyper offensive
  2. Great Support
  3. Good for rising rush/ultimate fodder because of death buffs
  4. Really good early game
  5. Special Move


  1. Awful last Man standing and awful late game
  2. Fragile and not good for taking hits
  3. Bad Z ability as compared to Zamasu

Pros -

  1. Great overall unit, good defense and offense also has cover change
  2. Great last Man standing and late game
  3. Can take hits and has cover sustained damage cut
  4. Amazing Z Ability
  5. Green Card

Cons -

  1. Awful early game (first 15 counts)
  2. No death buffs
  3. No support
  4. Many Anti Regen units are running around and VB is anti Fusions
    Choose the one who suits your play style better. I personally prefer Vegeta but since my Zamasu is at 7* and Vegeta at 3* it isn’t even a contest so I use Zamasu.
    Hope this helps.