FYI, Level 41+ is now active in Canada

If you get a Research Task message that says “Catch 200 Pokemon in a Single Day” and you can’t find any new research Quests in the usual spots… check your main Profile. That’s where the Level 41+ Research Tasks are located.

Live in UK too, but the game keeps crashing trying to award medals :sweat_smile:

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You have to obtain a Candy XL of any kind first before the option shows up. You can do this by catching pokemons around you and/or transfer them. Once you have at least one, the exchange option would show up on the same green screen as appraisal/transfer.

I guess we’re going to be stuck on the legendaries unless an XL RC drops instead of waiting for Mewtwo or other legendaries

I seem to be getting XL Candies for Level 25+ Pokemon, so Boosted Legendaries might get it too?

XL comes from catches, hatches etc, basically a lower drop rate candy. Converting regular candy is by far th worst way.

Got 5 XL from hatching grimer from a 7k egg.

Sorry if this hits too close to home. Remote raiding Espurr seems like smoking a banana peel when you are in Betty Ford/Hazelden/rehab (I guess same thing). And/or taking a shot of Purel. I have no clue what Espurr evolves into but just seems that way

Nope, Lvl 20s can give it too. Just got one for an unboosted Azelf which I was invited to.

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You can convert normal candy to XL, but at a rate of 100:1…not worth it.

You will gain XL candy at a rate of about 10:1 just from catches

I feel that anything I power up beyond 40 will have these simple criteria:

regularly in 10k egg
also in raids


I haven’t bothered yet, even though I have a few XL candy from beta testing.

I am worried that if I do, I may make them ineligible for future PvP tiers.

I can imagine a tier of max lvl40 combatants.

Seems to be made for things people have multiple maxes. Machamp, Dragonite, maybe Gengar, Gyarados. Not to take those to 50, but edge them up a few levels

It is live in Singapore too.

Going to hoard stardust because it will take time to determine what is worth powering up beyond level 40 and even more time to accumulate the XL candies needed.

For power up six Pokémon to their max level, do you need to power up new ones or do old ones count? And does it mean lvl40 or lvl50 Pokémon?

Just for info, you can actually get more than one XL-Candy from catches, though I guess that‘s a rather rare occurrence.

You can get up to 3 for a catch and 3 for transfer…and 3 from hatches ( but hatches may need checking more than my limited experience )
Berries do nothing, so I expect new berries

The best I got from a single catch during the Australian test was 5…3 catch and 2 for transfer from Meltan

I will look for screenshots in my pile

I have 9 grimer candy XL from 2 grimer 7km hatches; ratio 5 +4 I think.

Now tell this to say, Krookodile, Mandibuzz or Archeops. Or even Mew, Jurachi or Victini.

Now that’s a real mission-impossible.

They should allow level41+ in GBL, but lower its level to 40,41 for a buddied best buddy for the battle, so that players could power up strong Pokémon and use them for GBL.

An advantage of me having 3180/3200 spots full, lotta trash and throwing away gets some of the XL candy