FYI, Level 41+ is now active in Canada

I got seven from a far-fetchd. So it might be 4-7 for 7km eggs

Toughest part is finding 27 raids I want to do today;)

It does, in these early days, appear to be proportionate to the standard candy. I read somewhere that 10k/12k XL is likely to be into double figures, if only the low teens. Which is why I suspect any Level 50 stuff I have will likely be my lucky versions of Conk, Litwick, Garchomp (once I’ve waited for Gible CD, whenever that might happen) and Lucario.

Edit: Not sure how reliable this is, 16 for 5k seems to be out given our (very small) sample of 7k reports, or if it’s subject to change but if it proves to be true this is good news for hatchers:

I’m glad all these years saving Charmander candies were worth it (and thanks to a nearby Charmander nest).

I’m currently farming XL candies but I’m having a hard time doing it. Sometimes I get one by catching Pokemon randonmly, while transfering you can get them as well but that’s less likely to happen.


Are there some new solos/duos theoretically possible with lvl 50 megas?

As far as I’m concerned Mega Abomasnow can be solo’d that way.

Don’t forget purified… they get the 10% reduction in XL candy as well.

My question is about the level up mission. If a Pokémon is lvl 40.0 BEFORE you unlock the mission does it count? And when it says max, does it mean 40.0 or 50.0? It is for lvl47 and says “power up 6 Pokémon to their max cp”

Lvl 50 of course. Personally I don’t think mons maxed before a valid, but this I don’t know.

As I often say when trawling through the bargains in shops: that’s not half price enough.

10% discount on a double dust/candy investment (based on levelling to 40 against levelling to 50) for roughly 6% improvement? I’m sure it will be enough for some. Not me, thank you very much.

I am confused. Got only 2 yesterday from one 12km egg and zero from two others (these might be obtained before the XL season). This morning 4 from a 2 km egg. Is it completely random? Edit: might be that I got also zero from the third 12km egg, it was a trubbish and might well be that I caught a trubbish in the wild giving me the 2 xl candies.

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Place your random guesses here. What was written there could well have been tweaked by niantic since. I don’t expect them to make this easy at all.

That was a little Charmander that I’ve got from a friend by trading (We trade like 80 ones lol) and I’ve got that hundo lucky yay