G!Alex Team Building Recommendations

Hey… so I need help with team building centered around G!Alex. So far my G!Alex team has Ieyasu, Lathna, and Delphi for the other team members. Do you have any other suggestions as to which co-abilities are best suited for G!Alex?

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This is what I’m rocking…
Galex is a savage and with Gleo its just housecleaning. Delphi applies poison and sometimes Addis helps with poison (stacks) and shielding. I get more out of having Addis than Ieyasu or my beloved Patia. The only dark healer I have maxxed is Cleo… So I can’t get heals until I get the resources to set Hienwald up.

Mine is GAlex, OG Cleo, VAddis, and Durant (as a filler). I got no better one to replace Durant, unless I get another Poison Dealer or Punisher.

Is it worth it to invest in Heinwald’s mana spiral for a Galex/Gleo team? Or are healers not really necessary for most content?

I dont get a lot of results from Heinwald as a healing unit. He is more of a damage dealer who barely keeps my units alive. I would invest in Cleo instead as a healer or just not at all, because… you cant run 2 Cleo on a team together.