G Duel Flying 4 for Myrrh?

So with the coming of the new spring banner, I am honestly considering to get yet another Duel skill :clown_face:

When the first Tier 4 duel skills came out, I said to myself that I’d get G Duel 4 for my fully merged Myrrh, that used to carry me through almost all of FEH (but I only use for certain multi Team modes nowadays).

Now that the time has come, I have second thoughts on this. I already have a +10 Ross with several premium skills for arena and N!Hana who is to replace Ross, is already at +6 merge. Plus, I don’t think that Myrrh without DC is as good, even with the +2 to all stats from Duel…
I also want to save for Duo Ephraim to get the final 4 merges on him when he comes back, so that also weighs into my decision.

If I was to pull in this banner, however, I could also hopefully grad a Dragon’s Ire (and if I’m ultra lucky, also ATK/RES Rein) for her!

What do you guys think I should do?

  • Pull Inigo to use Myrrh in Arena!
  • Save your orbs, you also want a fully merged D!Ephraim

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Go big brain and +10 Harmyrrh


I don’t see why not


I’d try your luck for Inigo and see if the banner’s willing to cooperate but bail if it isn’t and then focus on Duo Eph.

I’m going in for the rest of them but if Inigo appears without perfect IVs, he’s going to my Myrrh too.


Also, should I run Dragon Wall instead of Dragon’s Ire?
I still have a +Res copy of her that I could use instead of +Atk (no +Def unfortunately).
According to calculations she would only be killed by 3 characters in enemy phase (filtered full-list, so not optimal builds).
Dragon’s Ire however, could make her hit a little harder tho - BUT it only works in Enemy Phase and isn’t as useful without DC

I believe Dragon Wall + QR SS is very good aswell, especially if you have a +Res Myrrh.

Edit : Nevermind, you’d loose Iote’s Shield SS.


Well, Iote’s in arena is suboptimal anyway, especially if I run a Duel skill instead of DC

More calculations showed that with Dragon Wall, even Archers shouldn’t be a problem (except for L!Leif and L!Alm) - that is if she is full HP.

Also, she would be on-par scoring-wise with N!Hana. So it really just depends on whether it is worth running Myrh instead of N!Hana for me.
Hana loses a great more deal of duels compared to Myrrh, but has DC.

EDIT: I COULD EVEN RUN IOTE’S AND MY SCORING WOULD BE THE SAME (when using a Premium Dual Rally and Premium C-skill that is - RIP Atk/Res Rein3)!!!

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I think the better question is…

G Duel Flying 4 for NARCIAN? :feh_narcian_anguish:

But seriously, it depends if you want higher scoring, or you want less scoring but better combat effectiveness with DC or something.

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DC Myrrh in arena is out of the question for me, as I already have higher scoring arena units.
I just thought putting G duel on her could make for a second coming of Myrrh as my arena carry :smiley:

I am uncertain if pulling for yet another Duel skill AND Dragon Wall would be worth it, tho as oppossed to just saving Grails for my already fully premium skill N!Hana who can use DC and score equally as Myrrh could with G Duel.

Thinking about it, it might be worth waiting for the AHR Banner, pulling for Seiros/Dragon Wall and deciding anything further afterwards. Dragon Wall on Myrrh could also make for a good AR build for her.

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Well, if you have Ninja Hana being built for Arena already, then you could maybe use Myrrh in Aether Raids instead perhaps!

This means that Ninja Hana can be used in arena, but you can still enjoy using Myrrh elsewhere, and you can save your orbs for Duo Ephraim!

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This, but I will still pull for Seiros in the AHR banner probably, as Dragon Wall is a clear upgrade for Myrrh as compared to QR3 (which I currently run on her).

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