G!Hinata or Ross?

Alright. Want to build one of these guys for arena core. I was never all that interested in Ross or Echidna, but was going to grudgingly build Ross when Hinata caught my eye. His weapon is awesome, he scores the same as Ross and Echidna(175BST), and I really like his statline. You can count on your hands the number of units that hit 50 visible def without buffs or fort def/res. That said, he costs grails. I merging up Itsuki who also costs grails. Now, after this month’s legendary banner I am forcing myself to save orbs until CYL4. As of right now I have enough copies to merge him to +7, but since I’m going on a summoning hiatus he’ll stay there unless I get a random copy on the mythic banner. I would like to build Hinata, but I have to make smart decisions and allocate resources in the right places if I want to reach T20/T21 arena eventually. Once I’m in the higher tiers then I can afford to mess around with the units I like the looks of and won’t need to spend everything(orbs, feathers, fodder) I get as soon as it comes in.
So, if I was to build G!Hinata, I would want him to end up looking something like this

That def is huge(he hits almost 70 during combat), and Distant Foil lets him stop L!Chrom and L!Lucina dead in their tracks(L!Chrom is currently a serious pain in my rear end). He problem is that I(am now regretting) picked Midori as a free summon and not Rinkah so I don’t have Distant Foil(any chance Rinkah is on the mythic banner or too soon?). I also don’t have lull atk/def either but that could be easily swapped for more budget option, whereas subbing Distant Foil for say Steady stance 4 eliminates his ability to nuke L!Chrom/Lucina. I do have Distant Counter from Hector I could give him, but as I only have the one copy of DC it feels like a bit of a waste given his low res. Prior to DF I would’ve had no problem giving him DC, but now it feels like a huge waste.
For Ross I could just copy-paste the same set

This runs into the same problem as hinata(namely, no DF), but also just feels like an inferior version of the same build. He has 10 less def and sure he’s got a bit more res but any mage fast enough to double will still nuke him out of orbit. Overall he just feels like a worse Hinata as a physical specialist.
So if I was to build Ross I’d be better off going with something like this

This set capitalizes on one of his superboon and takes full advantage of DC. But this set feels too… balanced? I’ve always preferred min-maxed units with a set role and huge stats for their role over “ball of stat” units. Such as hinata having over 120 physical bulk. Ross’s defenses are more even, but all that res comes at the cost of his defense. All that spd feels very wasted unless you run something like steady posture on him. As it is 36 spd is going to get doubled A LOT(as my 40spd nowi has taught me), and any mage who doubles him will still do over half his health. And unlike Hinata Ross also has to worry about physical units hitting almost as hard. I dunno I’m probably overthinking and this would probably be a great set but it looks to me like he’s just spreading his stats too thin. Like I said I prefer min-maxed to generalist.

Anyways tl;dr what unit and build do you guys think I should invest into?

If you want to do this, then the answer depends on how many Ross copies and/or grails do you have, honestly. The way you’re talking about Itsuki makes me think you dont have him completed, so you may have to wait a lot until you see your B!Hinata fully merged, but then you may have the same problem i have with Norne and dont ever get the copies needed for Ross…

If you have enough Ross > invest into him, if you dont have enough copies, then its up to you. Anyway, it looks like you like Hinata more than Ross, so even if its not a smart decision, it may be best to choose him over Ross.

Sorry if i didnt solve anything lol


@Cam_the_Man I summon thee


Nah you good :rofl::rofl: and I thought I put it in the post but I have enough to +7 a +def ross(one +def copy and 7 books). No Itsuki is not done(barely started) so I know it will be a long time before Hinata would catch up to Ross even with a summoning hiatus during the summer.
but yes especially where the stats are concerned I like hinata more than Ross. I love hinata’s specialized stats and I think they will age better than Ross’s “Jack-of-all-trades” statline

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I say Ross as you don’t need 2700 Grails to +10. But if you just want an axe for arena then I say Flame Simp-eror as he scores higher





Although I did forget that L!Edelgard blew that secret so yeah I should have said she haha

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Yeah I was gonna say that last legendary banner let the cat completely out of the bag :rofl::rofl:


I actually had a bunch of rosses saved up to get a good green unit, but now I’m going to do G!Hinata.
It’s more preference though.


Seriously that def is hard to match(isn’t he in either e 2nd or 3rd highest base def tier in the game)


ouch, I just missed the most important bit of text! Then I suggest you to invest in Ross as of now, he’ll probably ages worse than Hinata stats, yes, but he will be a nice unit a lot sooner, so he’ll do a lot more work. The mixed defenses stat build with the res boon doesnt look bad, he could also get Echidna’s weapon for another build more specialize in countering magic units so you can alternate, but the +def i believe it will work nice too, at this moment.

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This is how I plan on building him, I just need Distant foil

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Any chance Rinkah’s on this month’s banner since green is pretty open or is it still a bit soon for her to show up?

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Highest Defense is 42 so his his 3rd highest
Surpassed by 5 units one of which is a axe infantry.

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Echidna’s axe is Rearguard which gives +7def in enemy phase. To my knowledge IS hasn’t released a barrier axe yet its ok though we have 2 different guard axe’s so it’s all good

Yeah I couldn’t remember if P!Lukas has 41def or 42 lol

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Okay, I’m running with your goal being T20/21 Arena. Dragons and armors are everywhere, which means you need your core to have a plan for them. If you’re aiming for the highest possible scoring teams (staying T21), you will eventually want 3 teams, each with one Legendary from a different season.

Is this green axe slot being paired with Itsuki? If so, Itsuki has dragons covered with his effectiveness. If not, how are you dealing with dragons? This will determine whether you need Res. The same question goes for dealing with tomes-planning to enemy or player phase them, and with which unit?

If Itsuki is being used with this axe, who gets the QR seal and who runs it in the B slot? Personally, I try to have just one unit that uses QR on an Infantry team because the B slots for them are so powerful and I don’t like settling for a seal instead. If you’re using Fliers, the other B slot options actually kind of suck, so it’s fine to have QR there and free up the seal instead.

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Mamori ties P!Lukas with 42

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Arden with 101 physical base bulk is still insane.

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Yes. Right now I’m just trying to get one good core built and then branch out into multiple blessed teams

Nowi does well at baiting most mages, but ideally I’ll use norne once I have DD4

Itsuki has MS3 and close def. My axe would be able to run QR without issue

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