Gacha chance

which is better? single pull or ten pull?

since they have 2% rate up everytime you don’t pull the banner 6*. so if we do ten pull is it will be commulative in the next pull, just put it you won’t get 2% rate up instead you will get 20% rate up in the next pull

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10 pull since you get more of a chance to get multiple higher stars vs you having to HOPE you get super luck on single pulls (sorry i dont play AK but i play other gacha games so i just assumed)

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Each pull has the same rate whether you do singles or multis so it’s just up to you.

I got this info from the details on the banner page. Basically, for standard pull banners, you have a 2% chance to pull a 6*, up to 50 pulls. For the 51st pull, it goes up to 4%, and each consecutive pull goes up by another 2% until it reaches 100%. But as soon as you pull any 6*, it resets. And this is also cumulative across all standard pull banners.

Idk how this is for special limited banners tho.

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For limited banners, there’s a separate pity counter that’s exclusive to that banner. So far the only limited Operator has been Nian.

Why are you even offering an answer if you’re just assuming and don’t even know if you’re right?


I don’t think there’s any difference in this game.

If you just want to get the guaranteed 5* from a banner then do singles so that you can stop if you get it before the 10th pull.

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This is incorrect.

As Azurem said, there’s actually no reason to do 10 pulls than for satisfaction. The chance of pulling something good does NOT go up in a 10 pull in Arknights.

Furthermore, the “Guaranteed 5* within 10 pulls” can be achieved with singles. So if all you’re looking for is the 5*, pulling singles might net you that on the first pull (which would satisfy the guarantee). Pulling 10 would mean you’re pulling an additional 9 operators with no special bonus.

I can also confirm what CQ1 said. The special pity counter goes up for each pull, meaning that you should just do singles since there’s no benefit to pulling 10 at a time.

So… if i get this right.
Next time that Ch’en is on rateup, being a 6*, i should avoud a 10x pull and keep doing single pulls because with single pulls you can exploit the pity system and increase the chances of grabbing Ch’en ?

This goes evwn if you aim to get more copyes of her?

From my understanding, I don’t think it matters whether you do singles or multis, as each pull in the multi still counts towards the pity rate. The upside of single pulls is that if you pull your desired character, you don’t have to spend anymore orundum on the banner. Where as if you do multis, and the desired operator shows up early, you might consider the rest of the multi a waste of currency.

Also, the pity rate is not dependent on whether you do singles or multis. Each pull in the multi is counted the same as a single.