Gacha suck ur LUCK

Anyone ever have annoying experience after rolling SSR?
I did couple time, and especially these few days. 4 days ago I just got Brochilles + 2nd Gil after spending all. But then, in the same day I realize I failed to get all class for my college this semester. It’s just horrible.
And then after playing recently launched Genshin Impact, I got 5 star. In the same day, I realize the system didnt put me in online classroom.
And then today, I got another 5 star. Guess what? They put me in the wrong class. Maybe it’s my mistake, but sometimes I think this kind of mistake happen when my luck is great in game.
Idk, maybe it’s rubbish.


Remember it’s still a lottery. No matter how much luck I get with the gacha these days, It will not net me a job that’s not paralyzed by the stupid lockdown. Or at least an interview…
Then again, I’ve also got those X-Tix Gilgamesh, First Hassan and Ereshkigal before this whole enchilada happened.

So yeah, maybe it IS rubbish :fgo_elementarymydear:


There’s an old saying in my country “the one who loses at love, wins at gamble”. You got ssr luck but no irl luck. Its all about balance like getting skadi with a single 10x roll but not getting your waifu after using 150+quarts


I’ve definitely had times where I was having a bad day in real life and the gacha rewards me with a good pull.

It’s probably all in my head, but it could be the universe balancing itself out. Or who knows, maybe the gacha just likes it when I’m miserable :sweat_smile:

So beware! If you get too many gold cards in a row, you might get struck by lightning!


Hmm which country u’re from? First time I heard it but it sounds wise… if the words order is reverse.

Turkey. “Aşkta kaybeden kumarda kazanır”.


Well, I had a super lucky streak with rolling recently, but had crap luck with CKT drops, never got above +6 bonus… But have 3.4 mlb grudge matches…

dont worry mate, you’re not alone. I got 5 Grudge match drop (1 mlb) in the final part, and none are CKT. Maybe I should go for main part since I can do 6-slot CKT setup. But hey, Im at 100 boxes already, who cares.

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Ah I’ve once visited Turkey for few days vacation before went for Umrah. It’s beautiful country dude.

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So beware! If you get too many gold cards in a row, you might get struck by lightning!

Y know what. I’m scared what happen if I still gacha in GI. I heard the it has worse summon rate and while having some guarantee system make it more tempting to buy gem for real.
As f2p, it’s crazy I need to get 1600 gems manually for a single multiroll. If I failed it’ll be salty as hell. If I suceed getting 5* (especially in 1st roll) idk what bad luck waiting for me in the future.

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Maybe the world just hate you, usually i have good luck after geting something on the gacha

well I had multiple 5* in consecutive days. The level of luck is different. So are the cost.

My gacha luck is so good I often think of actually participating in the real lottery. But in having so much luck in rolling, my drop rates for gathering materials is so bad that I can’t level up skills a lot of the time.

All the waifus a man could want, with no way to improve them. Truly suffering from success.


Yep! Got Gil off a ticket, got a 17/55 on an assignment in my Computer Science class. Got Archuria off a ticket, had a massive dispute with the storage company about moving my stuff into my dorm, resulting in me having to go a night without any of my stuff.

hahaha it’s real indeed