Gaius the $1000 Aversa Bootleg

So since I summoned a F!Corrin I wanted to fodder her off to someone, either for the solo or the panic skill. I finally found the guy, and I landed on Gaius! It’s another merge project, even though I already have so many other projects going on this is one I wanted to do. Here is his build:

I wanted to give sudden panic to someone for AR, but I had strict rules on who would be able to get it. Now I know that Aversa is a better investment, but I like to have fun with the game by doing more niche/non-meta stuff.

First, I wanted someone who was preferably a colourless unit - No colour disadvantages.
Second, I also wanted a ranged unit - Can fight melee units (without dc) safely.
Third, I would like the unit to be able to able to match Aversa’s HP stat - Be able to panic as consistent as Aversa.
Fourth, someone who would have some fair bulk in both areas - Just sustain reasons.
Fifth, be able to hold their ground and still be able to fight and support

Gaius as a dagger unit helps with debuffing and seems to fill these rules quite well, other than maybe his res stat, but he will be getting res from Eir in AR. Now I know his Atk stat is quite tragic, but merges will go along the way and help him a little bit more. But Kronya could possibly do his job better, but I’ve put these skills on him already before I saw her stats.

Hp boon: He can match Aversa’s HP stat like this.
Tropical Treats + (Spd): I would have liked either of the two Summer Refresher daggers, but this is the best that I’ve got and I don’t wanna spend more orbs trying to get either. With +Spd, he will be able to reach 46 Spd with +10 merges, +10 DFs + HP/Spd 2. PLUS it matches his aesthetic with treats and sweets.
Luna: I honestly have a bias towards this special, it works great on just about everyone.
Atk/Def Solo: This will give him the needed Atk that he needs and improves his bulk while he is going solo.
Sudden Panic: The skill that started it all, with his HP stat he will be able to reliably panic the majority of the cast of FEH.
Even Atk Wave: I do have to admit, I don’t like the wave skills, but this helps him proc Tropical Treats on even waves if he too far from a hone or tactic.
HP/Spd: Pretty self-explanatory, gives him HP and greater Spd.


How dare you kill a Corrin.

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Shhhh she was also +Atk :wink:

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Hahah I love this. I am aware that she is a pretty fantastic unit, but I don’t like using dragons that much.

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Yeah, I get it. Looks good though.

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Seems like a very fun and very original build. I love it. and I love that title, plus Gaius > Aversa, don’t @ me :eyes:



A+ comment, keep it up. :+1::+1::+1:


I feel like I’m going to spend a lot of time tomorrow going through your anime list.
wait what is the topic ?

Oh well Gaius > Aversa and Corrin anyway @Kirchou
Love that build :feh_nino:

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I kinda made this about Corrin more than Gaius

What did you do ?


Oh nothing.
I see.

How do you see nothing. And Yes