Gala haul

How’s everyone’s summons going? For, me, got a ton of dragons…

New 5* dragons: Arctos, Simurgh, Nidhogg
5* Dupes: Shinobi, Jeanne d’Arc, Siren, Takemikazuchi, Cupid (finally at MUB)
New Adventurers: Emma, Laranoa, Mym (platinum summon, position 6), the Prince (platinum summon, position 10)

For new I got light Siren and Euden.
Dupes were Nyarly, wedding Elly, and a bunch of 4*s.

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Euden on first tenfold, then 8 tenfolds gave me Annelie, Lea, Ramona, 4th Nyarlothep, 2nd Agni, and 2nd Apollo

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I’ve got GEuden in the 2nd day (free 10 summons) and i haven’t wasted any tenfold or wyrmite. Soooo… now i’m Waiting to the other Gala units or even the great units incoming with the next event (i NEED that new young-granma wand unit :exploding_head:!.. even if i’ve got already Veronica i would like an antiblind mage (a way better than Kleimann :rofl:) ).

Actually i’ve got from the free daily 10 pulls my 1st Shinobi, 1st Arctos, 1st Pazuzu and a dupped Lin You, (2 Ligers + 1 prometheus randomly in just 1 free pull :crazy_face:), also a random Curran joined the pool. Pretty satisfied. At the moment, I haven’t got the “need” to force any pull so i’ll save it :nerd_face:

In the 2nd Gala Banner, i’ve got GCleo + 2 Simurgh + my 1st Konohana in 3 rows. Pretty good (i’m just pulling for GCleo… sooo… satified xD), S!Jullietta, Curran AND… G!Mym the last day of the banner with that sweet free 10fold summon !!! (actually i’m just lacking of GRanzal, and i don’t bother about it 3:D).

BTW: Boys, care about the wyrmite amount!!!

MEGAMAN EVENT INCOMING the next month!!!
REAL LIMITED UNITS INCOMING!!! (All the FEH units were A-MA-ZING-LY GOOD so… i’ll expect some awesome units in megaman too :joy:).

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I got big boi Euden and Sarisse so far

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So far I’ve gotten Gala Mym, Sarisse and Euden. I’m saving my remaining for the reset…because I gotta catch 'em all…er wrong game.
I’ve actually been surprisingly lucky. Outside the three Galas, I’ve also gotten Lea, Rena, Student Maribelle, Laranoa, Aoi, and Curran.
In terms of dragons? INCREDIBLY lucky. So far, two Pop-Star Sirens, two Long Longs, a Leviathan. a Liger, two Jeanne d’Arc, an Apollo, a Poseidon, a Freyja and a Garuda.

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first 2 days i did 40 summons on each (including free 10x) until i got a 5* - got apollo day 1, lin you day 2. today i got g! cleo after 30 then tried another 10x later on : g! princey, xanifried, sylas and zephyr off 1 basic 6% chance ticket ! best tenfold i’ve ever had, gonna be hard to beat 4x 5* 2x 4* in one pull.

so yeah, going much better after today but i really wouldn’t mind more flippin’ dragons. holding fire till rest of the gala crew are boosted after tomorrows reset.

hope everyone else is enjoying this banner !

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New adventurers: G!Ranzal, G!Sarisse, G!Euden, Rena
Dragons: 2 Prometheus, Leviathan, Simurgh, Zephyr
I don’t remember what the dupes were.

Pretty amazing for me, I was expecting to spend most of my wyrmite on the second half looking for Sarisse and Ranzal but I guess I just get to save now because they randomly showed up. And I got some good dragons too. And Rena is :fire:


Part 2:

  • Dragons. Dragons everywhere.
  • Dupe SJulietta? Dupe Naveed? Really?
  • Anyone new?: Bride Aoi, I guess.

…Not a single extra Gala unit. Yep, rate-ups are complete illusions.

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my current free daily summons and tickets summons

cant post all the pics as new users

From the part 2 free summons I got my 5th Liger so now he’s MUB. I’ve never summoned on any banner where he was a focus. I guess he just likes me? He’s not that useful though.

Still pretty cool.

As for me, recently got Konohana Sakuya to MUB.

I did so many 10 folds because I made a new account 2 days ago because I want to get back into the game and see how much changed since the last time I played which was when the game was released 3 months ago. I think I got pretty lucky for like 14-ish 10 fold summons and on a beginners account.

5* Dragons: 1 Konohana Sakuya, 2 Prometheus, 1 Simurgh, 1 Freyja, 1 Zephyr, 1 Gilgamesh, and 1 Jeanne d’Arc
5* Adventurers: Gala Mym, Lily, Xainfried, Swimsuit Cleo, Ramona, Maribelle, Lin You, Ezelith, and finally Gala Cleo in that order

I had only a dupe Lin You once but that’s about it. Also, did they remove Wyrmprints from gatcha? I just noticed the lack of when I did that much 10 folds.

Yes, you can no longer get pitybroken by wyrmprints. Now you just buy them from the shop with eldwater.
Additionally, stuff like IO drops 5* prints (rarely).


I’ve summoned 3 Jeanne D’arc with the 5* dragon voucher + daily 10fold and a random tenfold that i tried… Now i’ve got a MUBed HP dragon to face HZodiark with my Hildegard at 50 nodes.
On the other hand i need to craft any 5* light staff x’D
(i’ve got also a random Vayu in the daily 10fold x’D).

I don’t know if it is a really bad luck or a good one. But i DON’T need Jeanne d’arc i would love any offensive dragon to MUB instead of that (at least i can use it to HZodiark :sweat_smile:).

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New 5* Adventurers: Gala Sarisse, Gala Cleo, Rena, Yaten, Laranoa and Heinwald
New 5* Dragons: Cerberus (FINALLY), Siren, Apollo, and Nidhogg
Dupe 5* Dragons: Cerberus x1, Konohana Sakuya x2, Agni x1, Simurgh x1, Pazuzu x1, Gilgamesh x1

Overall really happy with my pulls, mostly because I got my first two Gala characters! And my Shadow team got a pretty great boost in terms of Adventurers.

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