Gala summon vs Eastern Emissaries?

The new Mym looks pretty darn cool to play, with the transform gimmick and all. Although I do want to summon on the Eastern Emissaries banner as well.

For 5* fire characters I have: Mikoto, Naveed, and Ezelith.
For 5* shadow characters I have: Heinwald and Veronica.

So I get I need more shadow characters, but Mym (and better summon rates) look super tempting to pull. Which one should I summon on?

Btw: I have over 20 tickets, over 6000 wyrmite, and a tenfold voucher.

Normally, I would recommend pulling on the gala banner, however, in your case, you already have Mikoto for HMS and Naveed and Ezelith for IO so not even Sarisse is worth it for you.

I would say you are more in need of dark units, plus Eastern Emmisaries is a limited banner, Ieyasu, Sazanka and Addis are limited, so it’s definately worth pulling for.

And now that I think about it, this isn’t the only chance to get mym, you can still get her on the next gala.

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Just used 10 normal tickets and a tenfold one. Got the two 4* adventurers and Nyarlathotep (5* dragon). Reckon it’s worth trying to get Ieyasu?

Both Ieyasu and Curran are great units, at least get one of the two, preferrably Ieyasu since he is limited.

The two of them have one of the highest DPS in the game, Ieyasu from being a blade + bleed, Curran from raw strength.

I just used the last of what I had (10 tickets plus 6000 wyrmite). I ONLY got the 5* dragon Marishiten. Definitely not mad…

Okay maybe a lot.

That’s terrible :frowning:

At least Mari is a great pick, but that is a not great luck at all. If you can muster any extra wyrmite you should do it and try for it if you have any pity rate increases still.

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Hey, don’t worry about it! Marishiteen is, in my eyes, the true prize of the banner. She’s a limited time dragon and the only one currently with a 60% MUB str buff which means she is the best dark dragon offensively as of right now. She’ll pair with your Veronica like peanut butter and jelly and Sazanaka would be a great addition to your ranged focused dark team with her def up co-op ability to alleviate their squishy-ness. Don’t freak out if you think you’ve wasted a lot of wyrmite, Marishiteen is amazing and it took me a lot of resources and time to finally pull her too. She’s a top candidate for your sunlight stones, due to not being available on ordinary banners. Gala’s are fun, but getting a bunch of random stuff isn’t always the best course of action, especially since Mym is the focus and you don’t need her to complete endgame content with your current fire adeventurers.

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