Galarian birds

So, I’ve been using the adventure incense for a while now. I can only use it while walking the dogs, and typically only catch 8-13 Pokemon while using it.

Twice now, I’ve had a Galarian Zapdos appear. Twice I hit it with a golden razzie, then threw a master ball for a great hit, and twice it got out on the first shake and fled.

This is while having used the incense over 100 times. It’s incredibly frustrating to have something so rare appear, and then flee almost immediately.

So, am I unlucky, or do these things have a ridiculous flee rate?

Also, as an aside, it seems to me that it’s usually the second spawn that is interesting. The last G-Zappy was, and spawn number 2 is usually something evolved or odd, like an Ampharos, Hitmontop, etc., unlike the run of the mill Aron, Natu, Pidove, and the other stuff that comes up a lot on adventure incense. Anyone else observed this, or am I just finding patterns that aren’t there?


They’ve got a terrible flee rate, it’s not you.

Catch rate is that of legendaries, flee rate is of course much worse ;) (close to 100 percent)
It’s about 1 percent. In our group one was caught. After about 65 appearances.
Didn’t find the 2nd one special, so I guess it must be you - it’s also subjective and of course differing due to weather and events (hitmontop was for example featured last weekend).

Here is some info I got when the adventure incense was released.

I’m not sure if the numbers for the catch and flee rate are still valid, but I’d assume they are at least somewhat similar. This explains why even with a golden berry, a Hyper Ball and a perfect curveball throw, the bird will still escape and flee right away most of the time.

However, I’m surprised to hear you only got to encounter one the Galarian birds twice despite using the adventure incense so often (compared to me). I found at least 6 or 7 Articunos so far (caught none) and one Moltres (fled too).

Haven’t noticed anything particular for the 2nd spawn, but can’t say I really payed attention either.

There’s something about the map the tells the game when to drop a rarer spawn (annecdotal). If you are always seeing a rare spawn on the second go, then I suspect you are starting in the same location every time.

To increase your encounters, I’d recommend trying different routes.

The two times I saw the Galarian Zapdos were on different routes. Maybe both of them have the same issue. Further, one of them is when I’m walking the dogs, and I vary when I start the adventure incense. Thanks for the info.

So they gave us this incense that has a small chance of encountering something very rare, which then has a very high chance of fleeing after it very likely escapes the first throw. Why not just give it a 0% catch rate and a 100% flee rate, then? Sounds like a recipe for player frustration.

Thanks for the info, all. Glad it’s not me. Happy hunting.

I only use mine when the draw (spawns being pulled from the wild) is good.

I assume that the birds will come and flee, so there is no desire to run the incense as a way to get birds.

Because that wouldn’t make people still use it, the best recipe for keeping people hooked is that small chance of catching the thing you’ve got a small chance of seeing.

I thought that have some ultra rare things was a concept from the beginning on? That’s realized quite perfectly here ;)
I am relaxed about it: i just don’t use the incense except there is a cool even going on. Oh how i loved it during the dragon event :)

They are exceptionally rare, as they were available quite sometimes when they were released. Afterwards their appearance had went down significantly.
This is the same case with Zorua. It was made available when it was new, but now it never comes.

So, as of now I only use daily adventure incense for free 30 Pokeballs, whenever I went out of balls !

The last weeks i think I caught four or five zorua… Annoying if you walk a cool Mon and than it’s just a zorua :D

The cp is usually terrible as well. Not a great reward for all the work really.

With good IVs/cps, they would also be rather useless. Most promising role in the whole game is for Galarian Zapdos in UL, for which you would need a low attack stat and below 2500 CP anyway best case. But even then it’s rather spice than nice.
They’re collector’s items. Good that stuff like this exists - and even better they do not play a key role in pvp or PvE! At least one thing they did right