Galarian Darmanitan

template {
  data {
    pokemon_settings {
      pokemon_id: DARMANITAN
      model_scale: 0.89999998
      type: POKEMON_TYPE_ICE
      camera {
        disk_radius_m: 0.37799999
        cylinder_radius_m: 0.94999999
        cylinder_height_m: 1.65
        shoulder_mode_scale: 0.5
      encounter {
        base_capture_rate: 0.1
        base_flee_rate: 0.07
        collision_radius_m: 0.5
        collision_height_m: 0.1
        collision_head_radius_m: 0.2
        movement_type: MOVEMENT_JUMP
        movement_timer_s: 10.0
        jump_time_s: 0.89999998
        attack_timer_s: 29.0
        bonus_candy_capture_reward: 2
        bonus_stardust_capture_reward: 200
        attack_probability: 0.1
        dodge_probability: 0.15000001
        dodge_duration_s: 1.0
        dodge_distance: 1.0
        camera_distance: 5.0
        min_pokemon_action_frequency_s: 0.2
        max_pokemon_action_frequency_s: 1.6
      stats {
        base_stamina: 233
        base_attack: 263
        base_defense: 114
      quick_moves: TACKLE_FAST
      quick_moves: ICE_FANG_FAST
      cinematic_moves: OVERHEAT
      cinematic_moves: AVALANCHE
      cinematic_moves: SUPER_POWER
      cinematic_moves: ICE_PUNCH
      animation_time: 1.9
      animation_time: 0.66659999
      animation_time: 1.7666
      animation_time: 0.0
      animation_time: 2.4000001
      animation_time: 0.086669996
      animation_time: 0.0
      animation_time: 0.0
      pokedex_height_m: 1.7
      pokedex_weight_kg: 120.0
      parent_pokemon_id: DARUMAKA
      height_std_dev: 0.21250001
      weight_std_dev: 15.0
      family_id: FAMILY_DARUMAKA
      km_buddy_distance: 5.0
      model_height: 1.7
      model_scale_v2: 1.1
      buddy_offset_male: 16.0
      buddy_offset_male: 0.0
      buddy_offset_male: -72.0
      buddy_offset_female: 16.0
      buddy_offset_female: 0.0
      buddy_offset_female: -72.0
      buddy_scale: 19.0
      buddy_portrait_offset: 0.0
      buddy_portrait_offset: 0.0
      buddy_portrait_offset: 0.0
      third_move {
        stardust_to_unlock: 50000
        candy_to_unlock: 50
      is_transferable: true
      is_deployable: true
      buddy_group_number: 2

TL:DR: it’s Fast moves are Tackle and Ice Fang, and its Charged Moves are Overheat, Avalanche, Super Power and Ice Punch.

This means that it’s the first real Ice Fang user and I think the highest Ice DPS bar Shadows.

Since it has Super Power, I wonder how well it’s going to perform in Premier Cup.

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I think Metagross would wall it out pretty well even with Superpower, but we won’t know until we see it.

Only because Ice Fang is fairly slow to charge. :thinking:

Go Hub seems to thing it’ll be more of a raid Pokémon than anything else.

Are my Mamoswines obsolete?

They are better than Mamoswine for raids yes, but obviously you can still use them and be fine.
I woudn’t consider them obselete in the slightest.

GalaManitan is a friggin’ beast! Better DPS than Mamoswine for lower TDO but still outperforms it in neutral situations.

Also that Zen mode is an abomination.

Zen mode is the one I truly want tbh. A crazy looking Fire/Ice beast, yes please how soon

How are we going to get the Zen Mode? Will it be a different forme like 'Tina and Mewthree or…? If so, I’d assume it would be raid-exclusive. That thing puts some legendaries to shame (looking at you Kyurem B/W).

I think it’s a Tier 4 like Alolan Marowak or Galarian Weezing. Same with the standard variant.

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