Galarian Farfetch'd

So is this duck a regional as well like the vanilla version or not? I haven’t seen anything about him even though he seems to be at the very least in the game files.

There isn’t a galarian form of Farfetch’d. If you have Farfetch’d on either Sword or Shield, it can be evolved. Farfetch’d itself is only available on Sword so you would need Sword or trade for Farfetch’d

No idea mate. There are several Galarian forms in Sw/Sh which have not crossed over yet to PoGO: Ponyta, Slowbro (doesn’t have stats yet), Mr. Mime (another regional), the legendary birds (also no stats yet), Corsula, and Yamask.

Further discussion here:

Incorrect. There is a Galarian Farfetch’d and only Galarian Farfetch’d can be evolved into Sirfetch’d.

OP: We don’t know if Galarian Farfetch’d will also be regional but Mime Jr. is a regional so fair to guess Galarian Farfetch’d will be a regional.


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I mainly ask as the GP review seems to be treating it’s evolved form like it’s already been released which is odd considering I’ve heard nothing about it.

The stats, moves, models, etc. have been datamined in PoGO but no word on how/when Garfetch’ed will be released.