Galarian formes

The final week of the Throwback challenge is here and bringing with it some neat new 'mon! From Gala-maka dominating the PvE arena to the Gene Simmons furry shaking up PvP, there’s a lot of new content here! As I looked through the potential Galarian forms leading up to this week, I noticed some new releases in Sw/Sh of regional variants. What do you guys think are the odds of them being added to PoGO in the near future?

Here is a comprehensive list though some of the 'mon do not have stats or moves included:

I think the Galar variants of the legendary bird trio could be very interesting and I personally find their design pretty cool! Doubt those would be released for a while though.

Galarian Articuno is fantastic as is Galarian Moltres. I want them in PoGo now.

The new Regis also look great. Hopefully they’ll be more than just tanks, since their appearance suggests otherwise.

Also, Galarian Slowbro…looks ok.

The new Regis are probably not going to be in the game for a looong time.

I think Galarian Slowbro looks pretty cool with that Shelder arm cannon.:star_struck: Plus it’s a unique typing. Ponyta though looks like something from a 90s art fair. :laughing: It will be interesting to see how they do the regional Galarian forms…

Being totally honest, G-Ponyta and Rapidash are the main ones I kinda want now I have Obstagoon. Though G-Zapdos and its Road Runner vibes put it on my want list as well.

Thinking about it, I’m also very interested to see G-Slowking in full. It’s only had a partial reveal, but it definitely has a vampire-ish look to it

What are you not a Lisa Frank fan? lol

anyone know how good Galarian Stunfisk will be for PVP? Gamepress gave it a 4.5 out of 5 rating (thus very good) but I just saw that PVPoke rated it #3 overall for Great League with total rating of 95.6 (it gave it 100 for Opener and 100 for Switch which is outstanding). It was ranked above Altaria and Swampbeast. If this is correct then this is a must have for GL.

Well, gamepress is that rating, pvpoke is the other, both are for sure correct. While I think Gunfisk is indeed not as strong as Registeel and especially Azumarill, it is considerably better than Skarmory. The main reason why it is not in the gamepress top tier is that it has three weaknesses which are quite common in the current GL meta. On the other hand it has more bulk and WAY more resistances than Swampert - which in turn has a comparable moveset, but a very hard-hitting neutral move with STAB. So I would say it is comparable or a bit stronger than Swampert (the bulk and the resistances might save you in general in a lot of situations) and Whiscash.

Galarian Stunfisk is a cheaper Registeel.

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Gunfisk is the new steel tank for GL, very similar to Bastiodon or Probopass. Not significantly different from them except for the Electric resistance and slightly spammier charge moves (but terrible fast move damage). If you had a Bastiodon on your team, Gunfisk will perform a very similar role. It’s not going to significantly shake up the meta since there are already counters to the steel tanks (Azumarill, mudbois, etc). It’s not a “must-have” but if you are wanting a good tank and don’t want to max a Bastiodon or don’t have a lure for Probopass, then Gunfisk is your cheap option that does the same things.

Also, I am very cautious of PVPoke ratings. They seem to be based on what statistically has the best matchups but not based on frequency of use.

Bastiodon is completely different, doing damage mainly through the slow-charging fast move. Probopass might be a BIT similar to Gunfisk (when spark is used) - but in the end both are not doing ground-type damage effective against steels. In the end, Gunfisk is a lot more useful than both, doing more charged move damage, while having no double weakness. And of course ground and rock has a wider coverage than fire and rock (or of course electric and rock)

PVPoke does of course not take into account the frequency of use (most other rankings including gamepress are also not up-to-date about that), but it weighs the pokemon after their rank, which in turn gives at least limited information about how often they will be used.