If this is upcoming I cant wait!!

Max CP same as Kanto like 2460, goes straight to 2,500 team!
And a neat Psychic/Bug combo to deal with about anything but steel types.

(+ super cute & graceful)

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Shame it didn’t get Drill Run though!

Psycho Cut and Body Slam is going to be annoying as ■■■■ :joy:

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Maybe Body Slam will get the nerf it deserves and put it in par with Cross Chop (Same cost but hits a bit less)

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A meeting with GameFreak and The Pokemon Company: “We need another Pokemon for Sw/Sh and I’m out of ideas.” “Give an existing Pokemon a Galarian form.” “Okay which one?” “Idk Ponyta.” “What should it look like?” Everyone looks out the window and sees an ad for My Little Pony.


Exciting news.
About body slam - never was really one of the most hurting moves anyway, so why nerf it? It is a normal move, so it doesn’t deal effective, but can be resisted a lot.
Galarian rapidash also doesn’t get STAB, so be it. Ugly as f*** that thing, but an interesting addition for both UL leagues. Might want to run it with psychic in PC and Megahorn or play rough in open as second move.

Zweilous needs a word with you. Or Hippowdon.

Exactly this is what I mean. They don’t deal that much damage with body slam. Hippowdon depending on it’s fast move or earth power, zweilous depending on the fast move or opponents weakness to dark.
The only regular body slam users you see get STAB: vigoroth or snorlax. And even their biggest pro is tankiness (snorlax) or the fast move (counter)
Rapidash galarian, btw, ranked in the middle of the field. Only for PC UL a bit better. Using psychic, as predicted.

Snorlax. It can win neutral match ups AND burn through shields, and the 2nd move versatility gives more than enough coverage to bypass resistance. If you’re gonna get a 2nd move, choose spammy or strong, not both and not on a pokemon that already excels in neutral match ups

Vigoroth too, but counter is what’s actually OP, Body Slam is stronger than it should but not necessarily OP

Ranks are not that paramount to me. There’s a lot beyond the limits of utility and meta mindset. Can’t use any whatever thing to compete (and win) but you can come up with creative combos in order to get a fair amount of wins and have a personal touch in the matches.

Yes definitely! Much appreciated! Just an information from my side.

And yes, snorlax. He gets STAB on body slam. This often hurts, even more so as he is tanky. But body slam on other mons is often not doing enough damage. Just useful for baiting. Otherwise carracosta would be much more useful. A dream…

Community is :heart:

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Congrats. Now best-buddying?

Gonna have to wait, currently doing Vaporeon, then Flareon & Leafeon, then Articuno, Altaria e_e

I see :smiley:
Sounded like gal rapidash would at least have priority over articuno and altaria. Flareon or leafeon, who will be first? (Here it would be flareon)
I guess glaceon is already bb?

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Images speak louder than words ~

The edition is extremely poor and lazy but clear nevertheless :slight_smile:

I love fairy types (you can guess huh?), it’s just Articuno is my favorite legendary/mythical ever after White Kyurem and Meloetta and that shiny Altaria does have a fairy mega.

As for that maybe Flareon, it’s closer to 4♡ and it’s the only fire type that ever got love in my team, and maybe ever will along with Delphox. Leafy is great and actually use it tons for rockets, but it’ll have love coming later.

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Wow, so many good shinies! Are they also from eggs or was there an event (besides the obvious one) I missed?

(Had to repost because I didn’t tag)

If you look closely, they’re lucky.
I had to put my social skills on max to figure who had them in our community and to make sure they kept them for me.

There was a guaranteed shiny eevee at some point, 2 or 3 may have been of those

Ah, OK. Yes, that seems reasonable. Still you were quite lucky with the lucky trades. Don’t know the rates of hundos in lucky trades, but they’re still not high…
Haha, sorry, mixed.some numbers up. I thought espeon was a hundo…

Nope but they’re very useful and very happy to have them, even Jolty’s triple 12