Galeforce Laegjarn

Never really messed with galeforce all that much, but after foddering off the OG Lyn I never used, I’ve made myself quite the monster of a Laegjarn. Definitely a unit I’m proud of in my barracks.


Why Impact? Does she really need the 10 extra defense when she has 40 defense and 51 HP? It stops Follow-up attacks, but that’s still quite a bit of bulk isn’t it? :thinking:

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Makes it plausible to attack some blue units and tank them if I can’t finish them off (which hopefully I would). Mirror impact wasn’t a thing when I gave it to her, and I like the negating follow-up effect on her.

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But don’t you need more spd? 44 isn’t reliable nowadays

She’s my red on a flier team with most members having goad fliers and OG Camilla with her Camilla’s Axe refine to provide an additional goad for even more attack and speed. She normally does just fine in the speed department.

Galeforce Laegjarn has been a staple in my Abyssal clears (Catria also gained Galefoce for the LHB Abyssals).


Ah ok. I should have figured given her C-slot. Yeah this makes sense then.

What IV would you pick for a Catria? I’ve been needing to work on a lance flier since I don’t have one merged up and I have a +atk and +spd 4* Catria saved I’ve been considering building up.

My Catria is a bit less orthodox

Unorthodox perhaps but still a damn good mixed tank by the look at it. Good job on her!

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That’s quite the Laegjarn! Looks great :nini:


Congrats!, this is my first +10 and gave her [Galeforce] too but I’m not thinking of using yet :feh_maethink:

(She still has lots of work to be done for improving!)

At least your Laegjarn looks reliably strong :ok_hand:t2: