Galeforce on Edelgard?

Hi everyone !

During the Legendary banner, I got an +Atk/-Res Edelgard and she is amazing. While I like her as a character, she is also hits absurdly hard while being able to tank pretty well physical attacks. That’s why I want to give her the best I can do. I saw several people running her with Galeforce and it looks to be a really interesting idea.
Fortunately, I free summoned a Brave Roy and since I already have a +10 Eliwood, I don’t plan to use him, but a cheap Galeforce fodder along with Desperation 3 is quite welcomed (yeah i’m quite low on Shannas, so I take it). With this nice new fodder, I could probably try something like this :

However, I wonder if she won’t hit too hard and kill enemies before Galeforce could activate and that’s why I want to ask to people that runs Galeforce Edelgard how much it can be an issue before taking a decision.


I think @antsims93 does have one like this :thinking:


Yeah this is her most common build I think. I like using Galeforce so it’s how I have her as well. She has the problem of having too much attack which results in one shots, but still, you can play around that.

I think @TheEternalShade has a different build for her if you want more advice.


I decided against giving it to her since she hits 70 atk where most of the time she oneshots the more squishy units not being able to charge it.


Ahh nice, this is pretty strong :eyes: :+1: I was trying to remember who had a [Galeforce] Edelgard since I remember someone from GP having her and you came to mind…


She hits to hard majority of the battles unless it’s high def unit’s which she shreds with Aether :joy:.


Huh, that’s quite the Defense stat. :eyes:

I think unmerged, she’ll be fine as a Galeforcer. 65 unbuffed Atk is just around my standards, though I’ll admit that using Tibarn for a long time kinda spoiled me. I’d do it. :feh_edelsmug:

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Mine isn’t -atk yet in arena and some pve modes she sometimes disappoints me. I’ve seen videos where she kills red units like it’s nothing. Yet mine struggles a lot against reds, and even once I have to fight Sirius in story chapter, she did virtually no dmg at all, and he would kill her so easily despite WTA for Edelgard. If she is meant to fight melee units (except dragons) I think even +atk won’t let her one shot melee units in general. It’s only against mage that she might one shot.

What’s your build and merge count ? I typically use mine in tandem with b Eliwood,I let her fight dragons as well even killed some reds,but obviously not H Myrrh that’s to foolhardy.

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She’s +spd -def and merge count 0 and her base skills (+reposition, no seals yet). I don’t have enough feathers to give her either some other B skill or galeforce. I have other projects too.

Without buffs from L!Azura it’s hard to fight reds. But even with buffs I couldn’t fight this scary Sirius the other day.

Sirius is indeed scary,he killed my Gerik during the chap 11 & 12 chain challenge,I forgot what his kit was and put Gerik in his range afterwards…:skull:

Cries in Tibarn

TMFM’s right, it’s why I ultimately stopped runnimg Galeforce for her general-use builds. I do still use it for Røkkr Sieges, though, since they don’t die in one hit.

I have two main builds I use for her.

  1. Primary

    My general-use initiator build. Her Axe brings Bonfire down to a CD of 2; so every time she actives it for a Bombfire, Special Spiral brings it right back to “charged” afterwards, giving her perpetual bombing capabilities. Rouse ATK/DEF boosts her primary stats on her own, and Brazen boosts them further. Sturdy Impact covers her low SPD and force-prevents an enemy double when she initiates on the chances that she somehow doesn’t kill them. It also adds more ATK and more DEF. With all self-buffs proc’d, she hits 84 ATK and 65 DEF. And that’s without running her on my L!iwood, W!Eirika buffing team, which would put her up to 96 ATK and 75 DEF, with buffs to SPD amd RES as well.
  2. Røkkr

    I’m still tweaking this build to perfection. She can almost get to the 150,000, point accessory but she still falls just shy depending on the enemy. The axe prevents Røkkrs from charging their pain-in-the-a!! special while Life and Death pushes her ATK and SPD up to where she can still comfortably double. Knock Back is temporary,
    (initially to keep the boss from skirting around her and attacking anybody else nearby, namely a dancer, and keep them focused on her) and I’m considering foddering her my spare D!Ephraim for Lull ATK/DEF instead. Rouse is still her self-buff for fighting the Røkkr, and Heavy Blade allows her to proc Galeforce every engagement since the enemy can still counter.

So as somebody who has run Galeforce Edelgard in the past, I wouldn’t do it. She’s too strong to proc it reliably.


That 70 visible atk is sexy ngl


Yes. Yes it is. :sunglasses:


Okay, I was hesitant at first by seeing some various feedback, but I think I’ll finally don’t give Edelgard Galeforce and stay with Bonfire as I used to do. So my Brave Roy will instead be sacrificed to my Byleth :feh_royyes: :feh_royyes: :feh_royyes:

Thanks everyone for your help :feh_hridexcited:


Unmerged +ATK or +1/+ATK Edelgard is the best galeforcer. At +10, you want +SPD as she really does not need more attack. That being said though, infantry galeforcers are suboptimal in general compared to beast flyers and cavs unless you are using 2!Ephriam on a full infantry team.

If you want a +10/+ATK Edel, Spiral+AoE is best.


Yeah so what you happened to get a -atk one…

(Ironically this was on the NY banner and not the legendary)

That’s amazing ! You’ll be able to run well Galeforce on her :feh_hridexcited:

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Well, you won’t have to worry about as many one shots at least