Galeforce selkie vs brave eliwood

which is the better blue galeforce cavalry?

selkie (+atk merge +3) has atk/spd solo, lull atk/def, def ploy while eliwood (+spd/-hp) has his base kit.

Both do a bit of stat stacking and have similar offensive stats. selkie has her weapon effects to bolster all her stats up to +8 and has the sturdy impact type thing built in, while eliwood get +4 to all stats when initiating while also having support capability from atk/spd ruse

which would be the better one or when would either beat the other?

Eliwood imo
Selkie doesn’t have the Atk to consistently proc HB


Selkie is awesome at killing mages and squishy infantry and cavalry.

What she needs is NY!Selkie’s Distant Ward, or Distant Foil. The biggest issue is physical retaliation and losing the beast transformation if you have to reposition her out of the way. Lilith has been a fun partner to avoid that. Selkie needs sustain from either a constantly at-hand healer or a skill to bring her back to useable health.

Eliwood is great at buffing, I run him on a tactics team giving buffs to Tharja and FF!Corrin. But I wouldn’t count on him in battle.

I think they both have very different roles to play

even with atk/spd solo plus all the other skills?

Not really in my opinion, especially when whe relies heavily on her weapon’s conditional effect to survive physical encounters and Galeforce consistently

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Kinda feels like Selkie is a bit more useful in that aspect with the setup you’re running (Built in Lull, Lull in B, and +8 from her weapon); at least on paper.

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Selkie or B!Eliwood?


I use galeforce Selkie,but I wouldn’t suggest using her with galeforce at low merges(not saying you can’t,but she relies to heavily on her fang’s effect),Eliwood on the other hand seems naturally better with his weapon and a skill.

NY!Selkie that is where it’s at! :feh_selkiepout:

Works surprisingly well. Just remember how insane her weapon is: If unit’s resistance is higher: +7 true damage and 40% damage reduction, -4 Atk/Def on foe and +2 atk when transformed, foe can’t make a follow-up attack.

Her relative low base attack stat is the biggest illusion in the game and she’s also quite bulky even on the defensive side.

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both are forced to use atk for heavy blade checks, which is the worst special acceleration you can get, but with premium skills it can be reliable even with selkie. eliwood will proc it more easily on ranged, but selkie will on most melee opponents. they have comparable spd. however, selkie is far better against dragons and cc mages. eliwood’s double effectiveness actually hinders his galeforce potential a bit. add selkie’s impact effect and i think she takes it, but both having to take a counterattack in first combat doesn’t make either a great option.

eliwood is one of the most forgettable cyl units we’ve had tbh. every subsequent generic 5* lance cav has been as good as he is or a bit better.

Dont know about you but i use him alot. Very useful even against green dragons. But like selkie he doesnt have a ton of bulk and no clear cooldown method IMO.

You can slap galeforce on every melee cav, give them HB seal, and they can technically work…but I think eliwood and selkie are both better suited to leaving galeforce to others who can do it better (like their alts). If I were using eliwood, I’d use him with ruptured sky and fury 4 and built him to play to his niche of being the only cav with beast effectiveness and build him up to be able to take on dragons. His lack of special accel makes me not want anything higher than 2 charge though.

I don’t particularly like how melee cavs are more or less locked into galeforce as their “best” option. They are in an awkward place right now as a move/wep type.

Oddly i didnt know galeforce cav was the meta. I never use it on cav because they dont have relaible cooldown abilities available to them with the exception of a few. I always reserve galeforce for infantry units.

One of the strongest offencive cavs in the game, and you feel he’s not that great in a fight?

I don’t think it is, but Galeforce is powerful on cavalry because of their high movement. The downside is, of course, the fact we have only one Heavy Blade seal. That makes cavalry like Yarne and Eliwood stand out, since their weapons compensate.

I think Galeforce is not ideal on either Selkie or Brave Eliwood. When it comes to blue cavalry, I’d argue Sirius is the best at Galeforcing because of how stupid his weapon is.


It isn’t meta, but that’s basically why I think they are an odd (bad) place in the game right now. They don’t score well in arena, so that’s that. And in AR offense, infantry galeforce teams outperform cav ones really, really badly. Even og eliwood (who is the best galeforcer melee cav by a mile) doesn’t see much use, although he is definitely still good. He is extremely strong on defense though with lunge/galeforce. But him bein very f2p friendly makes you wonder why bother pulling for the others besides character reasons (even the 5*s), except maybe a few of the beast cavs.

Ranged cavs, different story.

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By using him you’re limiting team composition, but you’re getting a–possible–whole team bonus doubler and offense buff. That’s a powerful and unique effect that you’ve probably designed your team around, so losing him during battle can cripple your strategy.

If he’s an integral part of winning the match I ain’t going to build him like L!Eirika or B!Eliwood. His offense, like most Cavs, is either KO or retreat, because taking hits with such low HP is a recipe for disaster.

I am not an expert by any means, but no matter how hard he hits, I would still want him in the back row buffing my team and debuffing the enemy with chills or links the whole match

NVM: I am arguing L!Eliwood, this is about B!Eliwood. Carry on

Yeah L!Eliwood and B!Eliwood make one hell of a difference

Still, I use L!Eliwood for offence as well.
I gave a +spd version of him spd/def solo and desperation. He hits quite hard for a unit that has only a 19 mt silver sword as weapon (combat-wise)

The good part about Eli is that he can support passively or actively. And doing what the situation calls for works quite well.

But that said, he’s still a support first above all.

I actually had Galeforce and SS3 build on B!Eliwood, but I let my Arena Reyson eat him for those.

I thought he was a missle but I kept outrunning his support partner and he would get destroyed on EP. User error, no doubt

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Yeah, I’m keeping him with bonfire.
For the short fights.

Spd/def solo does help with the enemy phase