Galeforce team dilemma

So I recently pulled regular Tibarn with +atk -spd and I was wondering if he would be a better fit for my galeforce team than the infantry edelgard with +atk -def ivs I am currently using.

The other units in the team are duo ephraim, original azura and two mythics depending on what season it is

Well yeah most likely since he gains one extra movement if he’s transformed making him able to cover a large portion of the map

Plus Edelgard’s defense bane will harm her if she’s trying to proc Galeforce as she might die in the process
Tibarn has Steady Impact which makes makes him pretty beefy to physical weapons

I think she’s still got 40 defense with Atk/Def solo active.

I have a +6 Edelgard and she one shots way too much for me to consider galeforce, unless I use Fort. Def/Res or something.

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