Gallade with Charm and Psychic.....any good?

Hi! Just wondering how good this one is with that moveset.

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Are you looking to use it as an attacker for gyms/raids, a defender, or part of your PvP lineup?

As an attacker, there are several Psychic-types that are better than Gallade in terms of DPS. If you really want to use him though, I’d actually recommend Confusion over Charm as it does slightly more damage (thanks to STAB), has slightly better energy gain, and fits better with Psychic as your charge move. Psychic-type attackers occupy a relatively limited niche though, and since Gallade is outclassed by several of its peers, I wouldn’t recommend heavily investing in it.

As a defender, it’s ok, but nothing to write home about.

In PvP, the same is mostly true. Gallade isn’t an all-star in either of the three leagues, but it can perform decently well. I would suggest running Confusion, Leaf Blade, and Close Combat if you’re looking to use Gallade in PvP. Charm generates energy way too slowly for Gallade, and Psychic is pretty terrible given how slowly it charges up.

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I was thinking of using it as an attacker mostly for gyms and raids. Thanks for the info!