Gallery for Custom Servents

Inspired by a similar thread on the Feh section, deciding to make this here for anyone to use to share custom servents they come up with. Personally I enjoy these kinds of things so I’ll probably come up with more myself. But for now here’s the main cast of one of my favorite games, Xenoblade Chronicles!

Shulk: Saber
BBAAQ deck
Monado Enchant: Increase atk and grants bonus vs [machines] to all allies
Monado Shield: Increase def for all allies
Light Heal: Heal a single ally (base 1000 HP)
NP: Monado Buster (Buster): Deal significant damage to a single enemy, deals bonus damage vs [machines]

Reyn: Lancer
BBBAQ deck
Mad Taunt: Target Lock on self
Guard Shift: Increase defense for self but decrease atk for self (demerit)
Berserker: Increase atk and treats own class affinity as [Berserker] for one turn
NP: Sword Drive (Buster): Deal significant damage to a single enemy

Sharla: Archer
AAAQQ deck
Heal Bullet: Heals a single ally (base 2000 HP)
Cure Bullet: Removes all debuffs and grants debuff immune (1 time) to a single ally.
Tranquilizer: Inflicts stun on a single target
NP: Cure Rounds (Arts): Heals all allies (base 3500 HP, effect increases with overcharge) and removes all debuffs for all allies.

Dunban: Assassin
BQQAA deck
Battle Eye: Apply evade, target lock and increases NP gain on self for one turn.
Heat Haze: Increase C star gather rate and generate C stars on self
Jaws of Death: Grants Guts (1 time, 3 turns) on self. Fills NP guage upon guts activation.
NP: Blossom Dance (Quick): Increase Quick card effectiveness and deal significant damage to a single enemy.

Melia: Caster
BAAAQ deck
Summon Flare: Increase atk for all allies and grants 1 [Ether Elemental] buff to self (3 turns) and increase own NP guage by 10%.
Summon Earth: Increase def for all allies and grants 1 [Ether Elemental] buff to self (3 turns) and increase own NP guage by 10%.
Summon Aqua: Heals all allies (500 HP) each turn and grants 1 [Ether Elemental] buff to self (3 turns) and increase own NP guage by 10%.
NP: Elemental Burst (Arts): Deal medium damage to all enemies. Damage increases for all [Ether Elemental] buffs on self (effect increases with overcharge). Reduces own skill cooldowns buy number of [Ether Elemental] buffs on self. Removes all [Ether Elemental] buffs on self.

Riki: Foreigner
BBAAQ deck
Lurgey: Inflicts poison on a single enemy (base 1000 damage, 5 turns)
Happy Happy: Increase NP guage for all allies (base 20%)
Bedtime: Inflicts stun on all enemies and self (demerit).
NP: Say Sorry (Quick): Deal medium damage to a single enemy. Damage increases for every debuff on target (effect increases with overcharge). Removes all debuffs from target (demerit).


Fiora: Assassin
BBAQQ deck
Speed Shift: All normal attacks will hit twice for one turn (decreased damage per hit but increased damage overall)
Second Gear: Increase atk and NP strength for self.
Healing Energy: Removes debuffs from self and restores HP each turn (base 500, 3 turns)
NP: Final Cross (Quick): Apply Sure Hit to self and deal medium damage to all enemies with chance to inflict stun (chances increase with overcharge)

And like I said above, if anyone else has any ideas for custom servents feel free to share them here! :feh_eirikaxmas:


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