Galle's lance

I have obtained all the toilet paper for Gatrie
And people have told me before that lance is good for Galle, which is a merge project I’m doing and the second that is a grail one unless somebody comes and wants my grails

So should I give his lance to Galle?

And finally, the deadeye food will come soonbecause I’m not killing my Shinon
I think I will start the Awakening Fates heroes path after this one


I see you gave him atk/def rein, and from my experience with Altena flowing lance goes well with that and is just a solid pick in general. Spirited Spear would also be a solid option for an EP unit like him, although you can also always run B!Lucina too for special cooldown. But with him being a flier I’m guessing that won’t happen too often? Also remember that he needs to have a bonus of some kind for spirited spear to work.


It’s a good pick as long as you have some way to give him a buff. A Tactic usually does the trick in my experience (a Ruser is great for this too because a slow unit like Galle greatly appreciates Guard)

Make sure to grab the Fortress Def/Res off Gatrie too, unless you’re building Sonia.


Just 800 more and I’ll have that Deadeye fodder for my L!Claude


Cortly candle with DC is good on slow lance fliers, I have a 30 spd Heath with DC and res courtly candle on my AR defense he can tank well non green ranged threats and I will gave Galle the same weapon, spirited spear is a good weapon and can work on every lance user, is better for EP units, I had it in Huge fan+ on Echidna and was for the longest time her best weapon.
Courtly candle is the best for armored units that dump spd or slow fliers like Althena, Travant and Galle, although many preffer giving Travant flowing lance and work in his spd, kinda the same for Althena, Galle sadly cant save his spd so Courtly candle will make him good.

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First off hell yeah edgy wyvern boi. Second, it’s a pretty good lance. If you can find a way to get it and Fort Def/Res on him he’ll definitely appreciate it. I’d still go with Courtly Lance cause it plays off of Galle’s poor speed, but build him how you want.

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I have him with Courtly Candle, with his horrible Spd I think is his best lance.

Just waiting for his rerun for that last merge. :feh_larawink:

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