Game freezing at level up

Hi is anyone else experiencing the game freezing at level ups for rankings? It’s a problem because I have to shut the game down and restart- and despite being listed as a new rank I don’t get the ‘treasure chest’ goodies nor am I able to prestige. Sometimes it won’t even allow me to place an image. If it’s just me I’ll wait it out- but I’m considering contacting Niantic- not sure if they are any more responsive on this game compared to POGO. Thoughts?


This is a new bug since the last update, the devs are aware of the issue and I am sure there will be a patch for it soon!

I know it is a pain to reset your app any time you are leveling up but just for your piece of mind even if you do not see the rewards screen you still receive them!

If you need anything else feel free to reach out! And I do apologize for the delay in response to your question. I will be more timely in the future!

I have been having the same issue. Unfortunately, it is preventing me from finishing the 3rd special assignment. I have all 3 fragments of the crest and have even placed it in scene, but it will not show as completed. Any one know of any work around on this?

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I will look into it! why is it stopping you from moving on in the tasks? Placing the images shouldn’s stop you from progressing or not. I would submit a support ticket to them for sure! take some screenshots to send to them or screen recordings if you are able to!

This is associated with the same bug where you no longer see the final results screen (the one after the scrolling Petronus).

It is triggered by Oddity (and now Event) battles. The workaround is to “interrupt” their “death sequence” by tapping prior to their disappearance and the start of the “scrolling Petronus” results.

FYI, everyone that has reported this seems to be OK once the game is force closed and restarted, so if this persists after a restart (and before you do any more battles that would make it reoccur), then I don’t know what it is.