Game no longer booting on a Kindle Fire

Kid and I usually play on the same phone (tyke is too young to have his own phone). We’ve been doing trading by using my kindle fire as a second device - play is terrible, laggy and slow, but works well enough for trading.

Last few weeks booting up has been very slow. Today, game won’t boot at all. Force quit the game, cleared the data cache, no help, then uninstalled and reinstalled, still won’t come up. The Niantic splash screen with the balloon ship thing comes up, and then it all freezes up, even waiting for over 10 minutes… Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix, aside from using a real device? Any info appreciated.

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I play on a fire 7 and assuming you have the google framework/play store ect. installed download google maps if you don’t have it already and open that and use the arrow to show your position THEN open up POGO. I would also try just downloading the Apk from a mirror site instead of the play store. If that doesn’t help then beats me, works on mine although it is terribly slow and i dont think that has a fix