Game update not showing for me?

Logged in this morning to burn ap before school, but was greeted by an error message telling me to update my game, but when I went to the app store I saw no indication of an update for the game. I’m not really sure what’s going on, any suggestions would be appreciated. I took screenshots, but for one reason or another gp couldn’t load them

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Go into your settings, apps, play store (I assume you’re on Android) and clear the cache.

Then restart the play store and search for FGO. Google updates have been broken for me basically all year until I do this and then I still have to manually search for the app, even if it’s set to auto update.


Yeah same here, I tried that and it didn’t work

Checked the app while on wifi and it was working again for some reason, so idk why this happened.

That happens to me a lot, just backout and do a search. Should be a quick button for install but will show an update if you already have it installed.

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I had already done that, nothong had showed,my running theiry rn is that my data isn’t working, I’ve had othe tissues on other apps while using data as well

Weird behavior like that is usually ports not aligning properly. Try completely disconnecting from wifi or data, shutting down all your apps then performing a full shut down and start. My Pixel did something similar once and I just had to completely isolate it to get the connection to work properly.

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If you go to an update In Google Play from FGO itself, you have to back out and search for it manually and it will show up then.

Google Play needs to update their own app.



Google is small indie company, cut them some slack

Uh-huh, sure.


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