GamePress 4* Ticket Guide

Once you open the guide, I hope you understand why it took us a bit of extra time to release it. But here it is:

Our full guide on all available 4* Servants and why, or why not in some cases, you should pick them.

No shortcuts, we’ve covered all 42 Servants, even if they are massively unpopular choices (such as some of the starter Servants). Hopefully there are a few viewpoints in there that are new, or that reinforce your decision to go with what you were thinking of.

In addition, as bolded at the top, if you really want a certain Servant, but for whatever reason failed so far, then I really recommend you go with that no matter what. The gacha is miserable enough as it is.


Is this guide purely based on getting a new servant and does not make any suggestions to NP2?

It has notes on which Servants profit from NP2 when it is relevant.

Edit: I should add that to the introduction!

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If only these came before the hundreds (probably) of 4* ticket threads. :fgo_jeannu:

Still these are all really solid from what I’ve read so far! Kudos to you and Kelly!

Poor Medea Lily, the only story locked to not even be a minor recommendation D:

Looks like cuteness alone is not enough to carry you.


Gawain isn’t recommended either, how dare you!

Wait, does that make Gawain cute?


To be fair, he’s not a servant. He’s a gorilla.

But yeah, I’m dumb.


On a serious note, the lack of Medea (Lily) (as you can read in the guide) is very much on me if you want to blame someone. I consider it a bad investment as her healing isn’t as strong as other defensive supports nor will one field her when going about your event/daily business.


  • Not Sieg

Damn, I felt that burn from here

EDIT: You’ve somehow managed to roast Fionn in both his pros and cons section. I love the writers :rofl:


Medea Lily doesn’t get a rate up until the Illya rerun in 2021, so now’s the time to get her.

I’m going with Zerklot!


Still, some Masters always like to ice skate uphill.

Nice Blade reference

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I must ask, who’s the Hayami Saori fan?

Man of culture.


@endlesseight :fgo_illya:

@Majestaat Norse is! But I am low-key becoming one as well, as I am quite fond of Martha and Atalante. Also, that one scene… it’s brilliant even if I don’t know a the series/context.


Medea Lily receiving no love. I think she’s great personally, especially with Poster Girl. Martha however does probably do her debuff cleanse role better.

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Here’s a question who has the fastest np of the aoe servants?

It was the extra NP levels that sold me. And he’s, uh, cheaper than Dantès :)

Looking back over the page, this is quite nice—did you guys hand-code it? I used this library a few weeks ago to make something similar.

One quick thing I noticed: Nursery Rhyme shares a banner with Useless Goddess, not Ereshkigal.


@NorseFTX did! That’s why I made sure to include her in the credits as she put in quite a lot of effort. The table is reusable for future content (and the guide for next year :fgo_buster: ), and I can already think of a few ways to make use of it.

That said, manually inserting all the html for the text portion (the framework was done first) with a lot of copy and pasting was a lot of effort we ought to automate next time. But we were on a schedule (especially as I forgot we only get the ticket on the 15th.)

Thank you! I simply got spooked by NR during my Ereshkigal binge at the time.

Updated Martha and EMIYA as well, if you spot any more of these errors let me know - I may well have erred more often with these.

Omfg I can’t wait till this is over.

I’m getting tired of seeing threads asking who to choose.