GamePress Aether League is starting soon!

Hello! It has been a while!

I did not forget about the Aether Raids Invitationals. For all the players who participated in the Aether Raids Invitationals in the Community, you have my thanks. After the success of those events, I believe it is time to bring this concept to the next level! I recently started a Discord Server for the GamePress Aether League, and I want to start a small community there first before I start hosting regular events on a more frequent basis.

I created a Discord channel to facilitate discussion and arrangement of the Aether League. Currently, the target is that we start hosting actual Aether Raid events in March 2020. Here is the link for the Discord. It is kind of empty right now, so don’t expect much. Furthermore, I could not do this all by myself. I would need a team of people who could potentially assist me in my endeavor in creating a healthy yet competitive community for the events. You can find the relevant information required for application in the announcement channel.

I will find a way to keep this event attached to GP Community, so no worries, this is not the last time you will hear from me regarding the event. Hope to see you all joining the Discord Server!


Was hoping these would return at some point!


The what :catroll:

But yeah, I missed these. This sounds exciting. :feh_popcorrin:

Woops. Typo.

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Oh yeah that was a thing :feh_nini:

Someone explain. D:


I’m Tier 17 now Mask, am I allowed to participate now

Yes. (Although you will likely get clobbered on Defense).


I think these are going to be mock battles against others but competetively?
I’m a bit interested. Even if tier 18 and not that much of a serious player, I might check it out.

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People aren’t ready for my Alm army though

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The beauty of mock battles is that forts does not matter, and tiers are just a number (if you are T19 and up).

Except when you’re below tier 19, that means you have to fight one opponent more while the enemy will face one opponent less.

I suck but I’ll check it out.


I’m not a serious player, too. But I’m interested if this is the case. :feh_ashepeek:

TMFM I’ll crush you

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Bring it on farm boi

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I have the best defense here

I’ll make such a disgusting defence team that even I wouldn’t want to fight myself