GamePress Discord Server Featuring Emma!

Hello everyone, as some of you might have heard of me, and those who haven’t I’m Emma and I’m new @ GamePress. I love Pokémon Masters a lot, and am always willing to take the extra mile to breakdown everything the game is about.

I like to help everyone out as much as possible, I’m very passionate about gaming, which is why I’m here with some splendid news. I’ve started up a server which will be resourceful for Pokémon Masters, it will be a server where you can exchange conversations with each other about the game, and have various links to everything you can possibly think of. Think like a Wikipedia that has every single entry.

The servers current focus will be the following.

  • Tracking both TPC and :DeNA’s Movements of the game, to notify you all what they are up to
  • Breakdown all future patches
  • Incase a Sync Pair gets buffed or nerfed analyze the impact
  • Analyze new units on the spot, pros & cons.
  • A channel dedicated to various links to every decent resource out there so that you always have the right information
  • Aim’s at being “the go to place” when you need assistance.
  • Access to ask me any questions, as long as it is Game Related, i’ll 100% guarantee that I’ll give you an answer, so no question will go unsolved.

I always appreciate feedback & suggestions so anything is subject to change. I would also like to express the following that this server is dedicated to me and my time in GamePress. This means that in future if there is a new game and the community wishes me to cover it, then I might add sections for these other games too. Example would be that there is already rumored to be a Tencent Pokémon Game. So this server is not dedicated to only Pokémon Masters but will have a high focus on it, and if there are interests of other games, then that can be an option too. Keep in mind, it is you guys who decides everything. I’ll always be transparent.

Thank you for the time and read, if you would like to join, the server invite is here.


Emma Nielsen




Another Discord? :thinking:

I’ll have to wait for the game to come out for me. I’ll consider it then.

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The game’s not out where I live yet, but I’ll try to keep this in mind :thinking:
Also welcome to GP! :birbpeek:


If only I could download the game…well welcome to GP ^^

Yes this will be a specific server for various games, to give maximum focus.

I can hereby also respond to any game specific questions, and always end up doing some wild calculations, like currently the one who cracked down various formulas which are trending many places such as

Bulk HP/2.75 + sp.def + def
Accuracy (3+x)/3*y where x is Stage of accuracy like +1 or +2 and y being power accuracy, example hurricane 70 accuracy.

and other various stuff. I like to dwell into a lot of data and draw out conclusions, so on this very server i’ll be available of helping out anyone at anytime.

So on this very Discord server i’ll give every user a guarantee bringing 100% quality answers for any kind of game questions at any time.

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