Gamepress general hate for Deoxys Attack and Normal Forms

Disclaimer: I don’t have anything against Gamepress writers or their analysis on Pokemon, it’s totally the other way around.

When I read about Gamepress Deoxys forms analysis (Attack and Normal forme), I saw so much hate because they have terrible defenses. Now, this is true on paper (46 for the Attack-Forme one and 115 for the Normal-Forme) but they’re more useful as we could think (On PVE porpouses)

In my personal experience with them, I’ll talk separately about both:

1.- Attack-Forme: Probably the most controversial one for having the highest attack in the game and less defense than Caterpie’s. I use a 98% one with Poison Jab and Dark Pulse (I switch it’s fast move depending on it’s uses). Nowadays, we’re able to dodge Charged moves without much danger, this makes Attack-Forme Deoxys somewhat usable. Armored Mewtwo, Cresselia, Azelf, Gengar, Alakazam, Claydol and Hypno raids. Deoxys Attack-Forme was my lead in all of them, getting great times and DPS. I’ve gave them credit about how awful Psycho Boost is, because it does so low damage and the cooldown it’s just horrible, but Deoxys Attack-Forme works perfectly fine as a Dark-type attacker despite been risky to use.

2.- Normal-Forme: At least this one has 115 defense. If people use Sharpedo (which has 86 defense) why not use Deoxys Normal-Forme too? It has an interesting niche having the highest Electric-type DPS in the game! With Charge Beam + Thunderbolt it’s a nice pick on rainy weather raids. My brother and I use them as leads on Lapras raids. And, again, with the actual dodge mechanics it’ll survive longer. I’m not saying you’ll need an entire team of them, just use one. You won’t regret it.

What are your thoughts on these two? Maybe you use them. Maybe they aren’t your cup of tea. As for me, they’re both amazing attackers.

Because Sharpedo doesn’t require rare candies lol there are better uses for them on other pokemon. If using deoxys is what you like, then more power to ya, but gamepress is right when they say it’s made of tissue paper. I’d rather throw resources into more viable pokemon.


Pretty much what @eklinka said.

I don’t think anyone actively hates on them, and you can certainly make use of them, but it’s tough to recommend spending resources on them when there’s so many better candidates out there, many of who will be cheaper to develop, especially if we consider lucky trades which Deoxys is currently ineligible to benefit from.

This is the biggest takeaway. Why would I sink rare candies on Deoxys-N as a niche electric lead when Electivire does the same job with better moves and no rare candy cost? Or on Deoxys-A as a dark lead when Gengar already handles that role well enough (ghost and dark hit the same stuff for SE damage)?

If I wanted to sink rare candies into each of those types they’d go to Raikou/Zapdos or Giratina-O/SB Mewtwo/Darkrai (when we get it) respectively as better all-around attackers.

Attack form is complete glass. In PvP it (cp2987) got killed by 1334 mew. In PvE gardevoir and gallade are used (deoxy uses too much rare candy) plus if you need a psychic type attacker mewtwo works too

HUGE fan of DPS over TDO and glass cannon’s in general… But a super niche one that requires rare candy? … That’ll be a hard no from me…


Sharpedo is also generally used as a dark attacker against psychic pokemon, and since it has an immunity and due to that a double resisitance, it’s laughably low defense makes it no where near as frail as it would be otherwise. It still doesn’t survive for long, but it’s way better than in a neutral scenario.
Deoxys on the other hand doesn’t have this luxury, since it only resists fighting and psychic. It’s only stab move against fighting types is beyond awful and even the high attack stat doesn’t make it decent.
I myself got a 98% attack deoxys and it even got the perfect moveset for the only thing it can sort of do which is being an incredibly frail version of shadow ball mewtwo. Yes, due to resisting psychic fast moves and dark pulse charging up fast it will do a high ammoun of DPS, but due to fainting very fast that gets wasted, unless you’re in the raid with 19 other people against some raid boss with low defense, it really won’t help and is due to that a novelty at best.

All in all, the effort it takes to make deoxys attack ok… sort off at best… requires way too many resources and unless you hoard stardust and rare candy it simply isn’t worth it. Sharpedo is now also not that much better, since you have so many better options. I hatched not long ago a 100% carvanha and I might maxx it out one day, but it’s mostly because I appriciate most 100% pokemon and heck, if I will max out my perfect skarmory, then why not this one. As a raid attacker I will probably use when I feel like it, but weavile, tyranitar, giratina and gengar are all way better.

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In my own (admittedly limited) experience, the issue with Attack Forme Deoxys is that you almost have to dodge everything in order for it to survive long enough to be a meaningful member of your attacking team. This often includes quick moves. While it’s certainly doable, for me, it’s just not worth the hassle. Plus, I like my attackers to have at least some staying potential. Something that’s too glassy puts me that much closer to relobbying, which is a not-insignificant DPS loss on its own. On top of that, A. Deoxys’ quick moves don’t really do it any favors as a pseudo Dark-type attacker. Zen Headbutt gets resisted by Psychic-types, and Poison Jab gets resisted by Ghost-types. At best, they’re dealing neutral damage and lacking STAB in the case of PJ.

Normal Forme has more defense, sure, but it’s a downright awful Psychic-type attacker. Its only function is as a glass cannon pseudo-electric attacker, but cheaper/more reliable options exist that will also get the job done just fine. We also don’t have much need for good Electric-types aside from Suicune day and eventually for Tornadus. But speaking of Gen 5, Zekrom [edit] and Thundurus will eventually be available, who will likely claim the Electric-type throne. I personally wouldn’t want to funnel resources into Deoxys for this particular niche.

TL;DR - Normal Deoxys is too niche and isn’t as reliable as other electrics. Caterpie farts are enough to make Attack Deoxys faint. Neither stand out enough, imo, to warrant rare candy/dust investment.

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Heard you talkin’ shit like I wouldn’t find out.


Deoxys-N is just horrible. Its ‘niche’ as an electric attacker is pathetic. Moving on:

Deoxys-A has neither a strong moveset (Poison Jab? ZEN HEADBUTT?) nor any sort of modicum of bulk, combined with a shoddy typing (Psychic resists Confusion, but is weak to Hex, Shadow Claw, etc) means Deoxys-A gets off a Dark Pulse at the most, then immediately dies. Its DPS is impressive, but it isn’t worth how glassy it is. Never mind the rare candy cost juxtaposed to, sat, Gengar, in this role.

It might have had potential if Psycho Boost wasn’t such an awful move.

If Deoxys is your favourite, it is certainly usable (with dodging), but there are far better options.

Fixed lol. I always forget about the 3 genies. :rofl:

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I’m patiently waiting for Niantic to give Psycho Boost the buff it deserves. It’s Deoxys’ exclusive move, so they could give that attack whatever properties Deoxys needs to get to the place it needs to be without worrying about sending ripples through the rest of the Psychic meta. It blew my mind when that attack was released with the stats it had in the game master.

I could see it increasing in power (maybe even doubling??) and getting a MUCH faster cast-time. Let that attack come out IMMEDIATELY so a skilled Deoxys can dodge attacks and preserve the little HP they have, operating as the glass cannon it’s meant to be. :crossed_fingers:

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Or they could give it psyshock, which is way better and also a 3 bar move… that being said, if they didn’t bother with deoxys so far(and it got quite a bad rep due to that), then why should they improve it now?

To give people a reason to raid it if comes back out. Whole reason they do a lot of things is for the money.

The problem will remain the same… The stats still suck and it will still be outclassed by budget options, which is something that most people know by now.

That being said, if they want that people will raid it more, then they will also release the shiny. Worked for cresselia

Cresselia is also a PVP staple, and I know a lot of people raided it for that reason alone. If they buff Psycho Boost, and actually make Deoxys a viable attacker, it would draw interest and people would raid it. I know a lot of people who could care less about shinies, only because they’re cosmetic only.

Also, Deoxys’ stats don’t necessarily suck, the movesets that Deoxys has does not help its utilization at all. If it was made stronger, it could be a great glass cannon in good hands as @Swampert_EX stated above.


I’m with you on this. If Psycho Boost was significantly buffed, it would at least give Deoxys a better niche as a high-risk/high-reward class cannon. They’d have to make some tweaks on the move to prevent D. Deoxys from becoming completely busted in GL PvP, but aside from that, it would be nice if Deoxys’s signature move had some actual potential.


They can keep the move’s specs the exact same in PVP. The move is very nice there and is very strong in PVP. The only change I want to see done to Deoxys is a PVE buff to Psycho Boost.


I share the same sentiment most of this thread has about Psycho Boost. They went through the effort of adding Deoxys’s signature attack, the least they could have done was make it worthwhile PvE-wise.

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