Games to play alongside FGO

Greetings and good luck with your holy night supper drops.

So, I recently discovered that I can play FGO in split screen in my phone alongside something else. The problem is, i don’t have anything else to play right now.
It has to be slow, turn based, RPG-like, so i can play both at once. Any recommendations?

Join us in FEH land :feh_yunecool:

Girls frontline is a good game but its really grindy, and this is coming from someone who plays fate. But you can set it up to where skills automatically activate so you could run it split screen

I actually played FEH a while ago and didnt really like it.

I was expecting more depth (after playing the old snes titles back in the day), and the simplicity and the only 4 characters thing really killed me :(

Might try this, though im scared of something grindier than fgo.


No anything but Magi-Reco. They’re seriously blitzing through events. Fate Go is a relaxed walk in comparison.

Puzzle & Dragons before I fell off it. GFL, technically.

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IS magireco actually good? I really like the anime (if you cant tell by my avatar)

I’d recommend Dragalia Lost. It’s fairly hands-free, and you can either play it very casually when there is a big event going on in FGO, or focus on it more during empty weeks. The game is also very generous with its premium currency, and the daily tasks and achievements both reward you and give the game a nice rythm.
Cons are the fact that it’s a very different kind of game from FGO, the chibi art style is cute, but not everyone’s cup of tea, that it follows the usual gacha crap where you need to put together and raise/gear a full team for every element, and that while the UI is slick, it can be kind of annoying sometimes with the number of unnecessary steps it takes to get from one menu to the next and back.

The one I wouldn’t recommend is Epic Seven. The game is gorgeous, it has an okay story (first arc is kinda bad, second arc is considerably better) and a lot of content, but it is an insane time-sink. Just to give you an idea, in order to six star a character (raise their level cap to 60), you need to feed it 5 five star fodders. How do you get those? By getting two star fodder, leveling them up, and using two other fodders to promote it to three stars. Repeat this three more times so you have 4 three stars and promote one to four stars. Repeat the process four more times, so you can use them to promote the fodder to five stars. Now repeat the process again four more times, and you can promote ONE character to six stars, and you need to do this at least four times before you can even realistically attempt to start gear-farming in earnest, and THEN you have to contend with grinding gear with RNG stats, and you have to do it, because the endgame is all about the PvP, and without god-gear, you have no chance to rise in the ranks. It’s a fun game, but it’s main gameplay loop is so damn grindy it makes Nerofest lottery farming seem sane in comparison.

It has alot of lore actually, each of the magical girls have their own side story. Almost everything is voiced too, the gameplay is meh though, it’s like a watered down version Fate GO. But if you love the anime, you’ll love the story portions of the game.

Edit: I play it sometimes, and briefly at that. Haven’t put in any money and have gotten really good units. The pity rates are nice.

I’m currently playing HPWU, which is a different type of grind. I love the HP characters and setting but it’s really hard to recommend the game itself for its gameplay.

As for non-mobile, I pay Destiny 2 on PS4, which is a different type of grind as well.

Personally, I wish games could be just fun, rather than a grind-for-fun. Or, at least, not time-gated grind, where I can’t ignore games during time windows that THEY decide on for something time-specific.

What about games with auto-battle? If you consider that playing at all.

In any case, Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Day was fairly good when I tried it. Though I’ll admit it can be pretty overwhelming, and it drained my phone’s battery like crazy.

even more reason to play

since you miss out on a ton more compared to fgo, the longer you wait

Except you can always replay the story sections of events even if you missed them.

I mean event exclusive stuff like welfares

which reruns, yeah. but at #natempo rate, those will all be done and gone by the end of next year probably

Dengeki Bunko FC is great example of a game that can be played almost entirely with auto battle. They have some pvp though, and it’s alright.

I have a great deal of respect for those who have self-control enough to play other gacha, because I really couldn’t unless it was extremely F2P-friendly.

Any mobile games I play alongside FGO are nowhere near gacha or RPG-like titles. I mostly just play PC games otherwise.

Oh yeah, I’ve missed out on a bunch of welfares. The shop item rates are actually decent too, despite how brief the events are. Feels bad though, too many games to keep up with.

Only other gacha I’ve dished out cash on recently was Another Eden on their guaranteed 5*, but leveling units is so slow though, it gets tedious. My best units are barely lvl 65/80.