Ganesha First Impressions

We also updated Ganesha with our first impressions:

That one looks a bit more worrying, but feel free to have a look yourself. After all, she has some fierce support competition.


Whelp since I am Indian I assume I have no choice but to summon her NP5, get her to 10/10/10, 2K fou/2K fou, and get her to level 100…


Calmdown calmdown
Wtf whats wrong with her final FA
Isn’t that kind of doujin cover :fgo_buster:

good ! i really like the first impressions’ idea ,it’s great that you are covering the jp servants ,keep it up !and good work as always

So,she’s meant to deal damage with her NP and also guard the team with her skills for one attack I think? She might be good for CQ’s with ST NPs I guess. Considering that we have Jeanne and QSH she seems quite redundant, but the ‘highest HP’ thing might be useful.

thinking about the tags to that doujin has me worried…

First impressions…


Uh… what the hell am I looking at here?


Okay, ignoring that… art… that’s a pretty versatile kit she’s got, plus a crap ton of HP. Offensive support in one skill, tanking in another, defensive support in another (and the skill seal is negligible as long as the skills are used first if needed), and a hybrid offense/defense/self-support NP. She definitely seems like a top pick for quite a large variety of fights given all the roles she can fill. That she’s an Arts-type means NP looping or, at least, repetitive NP usage within a small number of turns.

Great, now you’ve got me thinking about it too.

I know she’s supposed to be just fat, but that final ascension seriously looks more like she got knocked up.

Jesus…What is that final ascension art? That aside, while she seems a bit wonky, it is interesting to see how she’d work in arts teams.

Ganesha + BB + Tamamo = destroy all the avengers?

Am I the only one who thinks type moon is taking the “japanizing beam” meme as a challenge rather than a joke?


Ahah, sorry guys

horny wadaraco strikes again

Seriously, looking at her FA remind me about another art --’
They can just make another art with her standing up, but NO, instead of it they ended up make something like that.

Probably but she is still one of the better artists at type moon.

Maybe it’s type moon getting back to their EroGe roots?

and still the best kind of horny for this game too

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Is Wada Arco people, she needed to spice Jinako up after her Room Guard presentation. Besides I don’t believe that’s the worse FA art, i.e: Kiara FA is (maybe) touching herself

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Besides I don’t believe that’s the worse FA art, i.e: Kiara FA is (maybe) touching herself

“worse” :fgo_rinlaugh: also, keyword is maybe, the good Salvatrix Mundi may just as well strike a pose. ^_^

friendly reminder that all of kiara’s original final ascension art ideas were rejected for being far too lewd


yep i was right
jinako would have literal trash np gain with a 3 arts card and arts np, cause we cant have good things

her first skill being better than merlin’s is nice
2nd skill is a worse lip
and 1 turn on a 5 turn cd ehhhh, at least she wotn steal your stars
given that ill roll for beni and murasaki
her 3rd skill demerit literally isnt one for me

but yea, theres also wayyyy too many ways to counter it that it aint even one anyways
most prominent being you literally have 1 servnat on the same banner that negates skill seal

but someone on reddit pointed it out and its a fair point
skill seal is a demerit since it puts all your skills that were on cd , on cd for 1 more turn, and in arts teams, thats actually pretty detrimental

still hits like a wet noodle so rip

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