Ganglot and More Update and stats


Ganglot is sad, Tiki is one of the stats ball ever made, and pretty good atk for Elice noice.

And pretty amazing HoF lesgooooo


Funnily enough she has 1 less bst than HF.Corrin… but it was expected since Dragon loli’s get trainee bst

Black Friday packs are hinting at an ascended special banner. I might be able to spark for AIdunn again, which I Don’t know how I feel about it. The DSH at the end of the month should have SEdel and SDimitri, which means I need to save the orbs (and also that IS saw too much value in it to give us tickets for it like past years).


Amazing HoF lets goooooo
Bridal Nailah and Groom Rafiel will be priorities for me.

Wish Nyna had more atk but whatever…

Free Vulture Lance+ is ok at the very least, until we get an arcane lance that is. While really tired of chill skills on GHB, Chill A/D 2 isn’t the worst I guess.

Is Embla gonna be a transforming beast type unit? Because her weapon description doesn’t say she transforms… weird.

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Her stats don’t feel that ridiculous to me, even considering a potential Atk or Spd boon (who doesn’t get those nowadays?). I’d expect her Res to be a lot higher, and her HP is pathetic (again, no surprise for modern units).

At least she’s really hot…ignoring the translucent teeth thing ):

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Well, that’s a lot less painful than actually trying to summon the damn woman. I’m trying to cut back on spending on this thing but I think I’ll get that one. She’ll be +7 after a couple thousand orbs.


Ascended only banner based on the tickets. Quest rewards also grant 5 tickets and 100 limited TP. Event starts 11/23


Ascended unit banner? That’s actually some good timing

Depending on if she’s there, the odds, and if there is a spark, I may try to aim for 2-3 copies.


Elice’s Atk stat is :feh_arvisboneappetite:


The Hinoka pack has really good value imo. I already have her but if I didn’t I would be tempted to pick her up.

The Ascendants banner sounds tempting as well. A realistic line up could be Joshua, Mareeta, Ishtar and either Fjorm or Hilda to get full color coverage? Fjorm has been rerun many times already but Hilda is kinda recent. Either way that should be a really good value banner at least for me since I’ve skipped many ascendants in the past.


120 orbs for a stone and at least one floret for those who haven’t pulled all of them yet… Seems like a good deal to me too.

Total price for all the packs including two minor ones I didn’t screenshot is about $205 for a total 472 orbs, some DF, 2 Hinokas, and a L!Corrin.


Hmm, I didn’t think about it before, but Mareeta really was the only red Ascended before Tiki came out

So there’s probably a good chance she’ll be there. The other three are completely up in air

Blue: Idunn, Ishtar
Green: Fjorm, Hilda, Eir (Eir is unlikely due to being only one month old though)
Colorless: Laegjarn, Joshua, Celica, Florina


I would be pretty suprised if the banner ends up being a 4-unit one. I expect to have 8 units like the DSH banners (with no off-focus units and a 6%). AMareeta, AIdunn, AIshtar, AHilda, AEir, AJoshua, ACelica, and AFlorina would be my picks, with ALeagjarn and AFjorm being skipped due to the HF rerun.

Or they could screw us all, and throw them in with RmLif and RmGrima for a 12 person banner like legendaries.


I thought that too at first, but the current Ascended lineup skews colorless and has only one red unit (barring the just released Tiki) and I don’t think they’ve done a banner with 8 focuses that didn’t have an even color split.

If they do go with an 8 person they’d likely kick out one Ascended unit to give a red share with Mareeta

Now, that is rare ; a bunch of Black Friday deals that actually are to my interest? Flying Flowers, Pirate Hinoka and Legendary Corrin (she’s +5 right now), this is highly tempting.


It could also be a split of 4 ascendants and 4 random units with color sharing just to screw us over. Thinking about that I find that the most likely actually lol.


Is it gonna be a 4-man banner or a 8 man banner?

I’d like a 4 man banner for better odds but we’ll probably end up with some wanted ascendant getting left out.
(Colorless gonna have to choose between Joshua, FLorina or !Celica. yikes. Also, does that mean Ishtar will go uncontested?)


Not sure yet, but if I had to guess I’d say 4 units. I doubt they’d give us THAT much choice

Called it!

And of course all of the extra units are pretty much useless for me because I don’t need any more dupes of them. Way to turn an amazing value banner into a waste of orbs IS.
I really wanted to pick up Ishtar and Joshua this time but I already have multiple F!Ninians in my barracks that I have no use for.