Gangrel build. Skill suggestions. Hit me with them

Hit me up with skill ideas and what can synergize well with his PRF. Show off your own builds, give me inspiration. Any builds will do, don’t worry about game modes. And feel free to critique my build.

Edit: also ignore lethality I summoned like three Volkes and wanted to try something with Lethality Gangrel. Plus it suits him.


Looks fine, though I honestly feel like Sabotage Def is making him a bit too self-reliant for his weapon activation when you have NFU and special spiral as alternatives for even more power. Especially special spiral. Infantry Rush is freely available so you can have a two-turn lethality spamming Gangrel with team-support, and that team support could also be the ones to hold sabotage def with even more res for greater consistency compared to the 37 res out of Gangrel.