Garbage month

Kyurem for a month, zero events and boring research breakthroughs December.

Welcome to shit.

Time to sleep from 11AM to 7PM for the whole month like I did during September and October.


Well at least Mega Abomasnow is good. I remember when raid invitation was released, Niantic said Reshiram would be back within this year.

Sometimes I just wish I can afford to sleep from 11AM-7PM after seeing a bad update from a game I play.


Wait, so no December CD?

Community Day announcements are typically separate from the monthly event overview announcement, so I expect December CD will get its own blog entry. The same will likely be true for the annual holiday/Christmas event.


Already a bunch of recent new content (get 75,000,000 to 100,000,000 additional XP). They don’t need to add much else for a long while.

I really hoped the November CD were Fly Staraptor.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020 : A surprise Pokémon will be in the spotlight, and you’ll earn twice the Candy for catching Pokémon

Obvious prediction: Delibird

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First world problems at their finest


Delibird would seem to be the obvious pick, given the time of year. But this is Niantic, so I’m fully expecting it to be another hatted Pikachu. :joy:


Always excited for the opportunity for extra dust and Swinub candy on the 8th though…

Also didn’t we already get Kyurem in July? No shiny release? Besides Swinub spotlight hour and the 50/50 chance at a Darumaka research breakthrough this will be quite the memey snoozefest of a month for sure.

Ya’ll are acting like ya’ll already have a maxed Kyurem! I got a 15/15/14 boosted on mine (untouched). My son a boosted lucky Hundo, so I maxed it…probably need 60 candy on that to get the extra move…then never use it


I do. Yes, I really do.

Also didn’t we already get Kyurem in July? No shiny release?

Yes, and yes.

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I, too, have a 15/15/14 boosted Kyurem from last summer. It will likely remain at its current CP until the end of days. :wink:

I guess the silver-lining is that if Go Beyond goes live at the beginning of December, we can start collecting Kyurem XL Candy, and then spending it later when we eventually get Kyurem Black? :man_shrugging:


I’ll have at least one Kyurem maxed out once I save up all these candies and the other (better) forms get released :upside_down_face:

Might be a form shift even. Don’t count on it being a separate entity based on what they did on the Megas and they have no time limit “megas” in the coding (Aka form shifts)

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Time for me to get to level 37 before the end of December, at least :grin:
As for the spotlight hours, I don’t expect the unrevealed Pokemon to be anything special, but I do want those Snorunt, for both Glalie and Froslass.
I only have one Kyurem with garbage stats. I see nothing wrong with this, especially if they decide to release Black and White Kyurem next year or something. How could say no to Mega Obomasnow? (That was a joke, you can have your own opinion.)
As for the research breakthrough encounter, I am really starting to get disappointed with these. While Darumaka is ok, Lapras needs to be removed. This is basically just stuff for beginners. I’m honestly gonna only be going for stamps cuz I like receiving 5 pineapples a day. (Unless they have Xerneas and Yaveltal in the boxes next summer, I’m all over that)

All I’m looking forward to is next summer, which is Pokemon Go’s 5th anniversary. Now unless Niantic’s brains shrink, they’re gonna do something SUPER special, rather like Poketubers making predictions for DP remakes for Pokemon’s 25th anniversary. Niantic will probably have a lot of complaints from the community by then, and 5th anniversary should just be something special in general, even if Pokemon Go had no rants about it.

Really hasn’t been any point in touching Kyurem. It’s not top-tier in any way. Not great as a Dragon attacker, unusable as an Ice-type, garbage in PvP. Investing in it at this point would be pointless. Definitely just using the free passes for December. Maybe even hit a few Mega raids TBH. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Weird to say it, but I think the research breakthru is the most exciting thing!

idk why they’d bother bringing back this useless ice dragon (which i have multiple 15/14/14s of but can’t get a good Zekrom/Dialga to save my life but i digress :joy: my hundo Resh & Gira-O make me feel less bad…ok i’ll shut up).

ANYWAY…looking forward to CD rehash & GBL going back to normal, only playing one week out of 3 for this season was meh even though i made r10 for the first time

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